1295 Collison Rd 1295 Collison Rd
Something different every year on Candy Cane Lane
735 Falkirk Rd 735 Falkirk Rd
Thousands of new lights to help brighten the holiday season. Merry Christmas and don't forget to donate blood this holiday season!
166 Cariboo Road 166 Cariboo Road
There is more this year. This is last year photo.
589 Roanoke Ave 589 Roanoke Ave
a traditional style light display on our character home
1307 Hillaby Court 1307 Hillaby Court
2628 Rhondda Crescent 2628 Rhondda Crescent
Grinch stealing lights!
710 Hollydell Rd 710 Hollydell Rd
1310 Aldon Rd 1310 Aldon Rd
Family Friendly!!!
181 Red Rock Court 181 Red Rock Court
2054 Sunview Drive 2054 Sunview Drive
Dancing lights
1480 Hollywood Rd s
Lots of new lights
316 Phipps cr. 316 Phipps cr.
Over 9000 lights this year!
242 Crossridge Crescent 242 Crossridge Crescent
Come by and see our bright and cheerful display.
123 granby ave penticton
been doing it for 20+ years, on the bus tour for many years
181 Red Rock Court
House is decorated on both sides facing Red Rock and Upper Canyon. Display is a combination of static LED and animated lights synchronization to music.
2577 Bridlehill crt. 2577 Bridlehill crt.
Some lights flash to the Christmas carols that are playing
181 red rock court 181 red rock court
Not my display but should be added to the list
5477 South Perimeter Way Kelowna 5477 South Perimeter Way Kelowna
175 Hartman Road 175 Hartman Road
More lights up then in photo. Merry Christmas!
500 Cook Road 500 Cook Road
Feeling festive at the Hotel Eldorado.
721 Stoltz CRT 721 Stoltz CRT
875 Theodora Road 875 Theodora Road
100's of stuffed penguins, a 3d Penguin Express 12 car train. Donations to Salvation Army very much appreciated. Donations can be onsite or virtual through your cellphone
5221 Silverado Place 5221 Silverado Place
One of the many at Sunset Ranch!
385 Fitzpatrick Rd. 385 Fitzpatrick Rd.
Come and listen to the lights dance to the music. Over 12000 lights to entertain you with your Christmas songs.
3280 Shiraz Court 3280 Shiraz Court
3280 Shiraz Court 3280 Shiraz Court
2885 Summerview Crt 2885 Summerview Crt
LOL!(Lots of Lights)
1520 Pinehurst Crescent Kelowna 1520 Pinehurst Crescent Kelowna
Over 5000 LED lights! On 4:30-11pm daily :) Central location right off Clifton Rd in Old Glenmore. Merry Christmas!
1060 Manhattan Drive, Kelowna, BC 1060 Manhattan Drive, Kelowna, BC
See Rudolph visiting outside of The Manhattan building.
540 Peck Crt 540 Peck Crt
Many handmade unique decorations that have been evolving for 30 years with music.
380 Dougall Rd North 380 Dougall Rd North
We try and add new lights every year. Come and see our house and enjoy
3657 walnut glen drive
2846 Bentley rd West Kelowna 2846 Bentley rd West Kelowna
3318 McCulloch Road 3318 McCulloch Road
Annual tradition for family.
1120 Lacombe Rd 1120 Lacombe Rd
Over 10000 lights synced to music. Sit in your car and tune in to music and watch the amazing show
2758 Sugosa 2758 Sugosa
475 Brighton Road 475 Brighton Road
475 Brighton Road 475 Brighton Road
2142 Michelle Crescent

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