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Animal ID: 519721

Kamloops shelter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-376-7722
Address: 1211 8th Street
Kamloops, BC V2B 2Y3
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Female Small Animal
Breed: Mouse Cross

6Wks - 6Wks
Colour: Brown

Annabelle is a young mouse brought into the SPCA with a large number of mice from a hoarding situation. This little domestic mouse is looking for a rodent lover who can work with her on getting used to people and being handled. She's definitely curious but can be easily spooked and will need work on getting hand tamed. Annabelle will need someone who has worked with rodents before on socializing.Potential adopters must show knowledge of the special care mice need and have adequate and secure housing that provides plenty of enrichment. Mice love to explore their environment and should have the option to burrow, climb, and hide if wanted. Annabelle will make a wonderful little pet for the rodent lover out there. If interested in giving Annabelle a loving home contact the Kamloops SPCA today! Mice are social critters and Annabelle is currently housed with 3 other little ladies. They must be adopted in pairs or all four together. It's so much fun watching these cuties exploring their enclosure!

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