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Re: Plaques for heritage spots

I see Coun. Katie Robinson wants to put up the plaques on the heritage buildings, saying it is not rocket science. Well neither is picking up garbage on the streets and watering the flowers. Possibly she could put down her drill for a few moments and get these little projects done also.

Why, she could save the tax payers a pile of money. Heck, we could layoff a bunch of city workers as per councillor Robinson no-brainer work scheme and measure of what is no-brainer work.

Perhaps if I did not go to school I could have become a councillor too. Outstanding work. Do you still plan on running in the October election?

Brian Kettle, Penticton


Opposing bench build out

If anyone has any concern for the future of the Naramata Bench and the proposed development at 1050 Spiller Road, one need not look any further than 880 Naramata Road to see what kind of developer Canadian Horizons really is.

Almost 4 years ago the developer, which is the one proposing the subdivision above Naramata Bench, ripped out a productive peach orchard and promptly dumped 100s of dump-truck-loads of fill onto the property. 880 Naramata road is now an unsightly mess of sand, gravel, boulders and invasive weeds on the otherwise scenic Naramata Road. The weeds are a nuisance to local farmers as they are spreading with a vengeance that only the Russian thistle can manage. The whole mess reflects very poorly on Canadian Horizons.

Driving from Penticton toward and along Naramata Road are many sign that express opposition to the proposed Canadian Horizons project. For so many people and businesses to display signs on their own properties speaks volumes about the strength of the opposition to Canadian Horizons.

If you feel inclined to add your voice to express your own opposition to subdivisions on the bench, let your council members know - a single email will reach the mayor and each of the council members: [email protected]

Hans Karow, Penticton

Build a new arts centre

A volunteer organization, known informally as "Friends of KPAC" has formed to support the creation of an exceptional new Performing Arts Centre in Kelowna’s downtown cultural district. The hope is to achieve this by 2026. They are working with Kelowna’s municipal government to advance a plan to replace the Kelowna Community Theatre with an iconic new Performing Arts Centre. They are also enlisting the performing arts community and other stakeholders to foster broad-based and sustained business and public support for the project. This apparently was the original plan. This group is affiliated with some very heavy hitters in the Kelowna arts community, namely people involved with Ballet Kelowna, Opera Kelowna and the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. Their website is: kelownaperformingarts.ca.

At first it seemed that the City of Kelowna was going to be a partner in this endeavor until news of the upcoming 60th Anniversary seemed to imply that the KCT would be enjoying its new upgrades and renovations into its retirement years. I've been told that these upgrades are nothing more than improvements to an aging building. This puts the "Friends of KPAC" in a bit of a lurch. They don't want to be at odds with the City, but at the same time it seems they've been blindsided.

There is no doubt that the Kelowna Community Theatre has served its purpose. It has been home to locals like Ballet Kelowna, The Okanagan Symphony, Opera Kelowna and Robert Fine, and it has hosted the likes of Gord Downie and many other other celebrities over the years.

But the population of Kelowna has increased from about 13,000 to 153,000 in the last 60 years. That's an increase of almost 1,200%. It's time Kelowna got with it and supported a new performing arts centre. Doing meagre upgrades to an aging building isn't enough.

It seems to me the City of Kelowna wants to act like a big city with all the new high rises and such. Well, a new performing arts centre is something that would put Kelowna on the map. After all, if you travel to Vernon, they have a great venue. It only holds around 750 people but it is a much better venue than our community theatre.

It's time, Kelowna. It's time to build a new performing arts centre that will compliment our population, our local talent and will draw celebrities and talent from around the world.

Richard Knight, Kelowna


City dream vs. reality

Our city bureaucrats and city council are always promoting biking as the new alternative for travel as their reason for a complete lack of commuter travel infrastructure planning. Great idea, except today in Kelowna if you park a bike anywhere it will be stolen. Even if you have three locks on it. It is like the movie “Gone in 60 seconds”.

On your way to losing your bike you are blessed to ride in bike lanes that are rarely cleaned. Another oxymoron from what city council and staff who promote biking as the solution to our traffic problems. Perhaps some action instead of useless words would be a better course of action.

Bruce Jones

Thank you for generosity

Re: Air conditioners for seniors

Within a few hours of the appeal, I received an email from Bev Carter of Kelowna.

She wrote “I read your column and subsequent letter on Castanet and I have a freestanding AC that vents out the window with a hose, so if you want it for the seniors you can have it. I am replying through my work email but instead please respond by text to my personal phone number to arrange for pick up for this weekend. If you don’t get enough donations please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to scrounge up monetary donations for it. It absolutely saddens me that these places don’t have proper AC.”

I was delighted to hear from Bev and last Saturday evening we picked up her unit and dropped it off for a lucky resident who was one of the whistle blowers. The elderly woman thanked me for it and looked forward to being able to chill out.

The senior was afraid that if she slept in her suite she wouldn’t wake up again because of the soaring temperatures inside. Thankfully however another tenant offered her the living room couch for her to lay her head on at night in the meantime, in a place with an A/C. It was much better than resting on a lawn chair outside.

However other residents living there aren’t so fortunate, and don’t have family or friends to turn to, nor the money to buy a $600 machine.

The relentless summer heat is an ongoing problem. If you can help in some way please email me at [email protected]

They are still in need of about twenty more air conditioners.

I’d like to thank Bev for stepping up to the plate and helping out with this gift of life. You have a kind and generous heart for the disadvantaged aged in our community.

Doreen Zyderveld-Hagel, Kelowna

Justice system a joke

Re: Acquitted in fatality

"I have found there is no reliable evidence to show that Mr. Toor was aware he was falling asleep," the judge noted in his ruling.

No reliable evidence? It is impossible to provide reliable evidence unless there was an eye witness and this so called judge knows that.

This just proves our Justice system is beyond broke. Wonder how this so called Judge would feel if it was their family that was killed and maimed?

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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