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Re: Protest outside Castanet

To all of those conspiracy protesters who feel the need to protest about the contract tracing violating privacy, don't use it —stay at home.  It's my right to live in a healthy environment and that right is more important right now. Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands — its not hard. It's only temporary. 

If you or someone you know gets sick, that is no longer an option for them. They have to hope they didn't pass it off to a family member and hope the long term affects after they recover are not life changing. I haven't seen one of your pamphlets about your alleged conspiracy — but maybe you should ask someone who has lost a family member or a friend to COVID, see how they feel about it/you.

Just my two cents

Darlene Stewart 

Avalanche of misinformation

Re: In support of protesters

Brittney just had a letter published where she gives an avalanche of wrong information. 

1. No, masks don't restrict your breathing. There is a video online of someone running a marathon with a mask and showing exactly the same oxygen levels. 

2. A %2 death rate would mean thousands of dead people in Kelowna alone, and hundreds of thousands across Canada. 

3. Mask use can help prevent another lockdown and keep our economy moving despite the danger.

Brittney "refuses to live restricted." That's a stubborn and childish attitude. No-one enjoys this new reality under the threat of COVID, but the adults among us are willing to change a few habits, like wearing a mask, to protect ourselves and our community. It's not brave to ignore the facts, quite the opposite.

What is the point of saying that we "shouldn't" be told to social distance? That same people who cry about their 'freedom' being infringed would be the first to blame the government if their loved-one died of COVID. Your freedom is not being targeted by health authorities doing their job by keeping us informed. 

The protesters should find something better to be angry about, because their rejection of reality (and good medical advice) is really just an immature temper-tantrum inspired by conspiracy theories, ignorance and misinformation.

Marcus Weber

In support of protesters

Re: Protest the protesters

I would like to point out yes there is a virus out there, but I will also be the one to tell you it has a 98 percent survival rate! Protesters are not wrong about what is going on. We should not be told to keep a distance from our close friends and family members. We should not have to wear a mask which actually restricts you from getting proper air supply. But hey, if you like inhaling the same thing your body is trying to get rid of when exhaling by all means wear your mask.

I will not sit here and let someone basically make an indirect threat to protesters who are taking a stand for our freedom! This COVID thing is always going to exist it will not just disappear in thin air and I refuse to live restricted like this. If you think for one second that going outside with "COVID" and hugging the protesters will do any good you sir are apart of the problem.

Brittney Van Tol

Protest the protesters

I hate how people who have the COVID virus go into public places, but I believe we need an infected person to go find this group of idiots that think the virus is fake and give all the protesters a hug.

If someone has the virus please go into a protest and shake hands with every protester and hug people.

Let's see if the protesters get sick and disappear. See if the protesters believe after they get sick.

Most of us know someone who has it, had it or been tested for it.

To see a protest against this horrible virus makes me sick to my stomach.

I like the idea the Germans have about a COVID party. Maybe Kelowna needs one as well but except like Germany don't ask for volunteers, use the COVID protesters.

Like i said in a previous letter here.

But now directed to the protesters.

Have you been into a business with newly built plexiglas around their cash registers? Do you think the business put up the plexiglas is up for decoration? Do you think business ware masks within their businesses to give mask makers money? 

Protesters... Give your head a shake.

With over seven million people infected in the USA please tell me how the virus is fake.

To the idiot protesters maybe you should protest within the hospital where people with the virus check themselves in. Go there and see if it's real.

Stop protesting over something you know NOTHING about. Because of idiots like you people are going out into the public and making innocent people sick.

I have a friend who went camping the last two weeks. He told me he was afraid to use the public restroom. He said he didn't want to touch the door handle to get in or out of a public restroom. He said he saw people using a sleeve to open the door and was shocked.

He said they use a sleeve to open the door but how would someone be safe sitting on a public restroom toilet?

So you spend half an hour putting toilet paper all over the toilet seat? Why wouldn't you wonder if that roll of toilet paper was sneezed on? Ya I know most public restrooms have a roll dispenser that feeds out of the bottom. I believe if I went camping I would be like him and use the bush. Using the bush may help keep bears away.

Maybe we need a protester group to stop the protesters?

Please everyone stay safe. Wash your hands as often as you can. The sooner we stay safe and away from strangers the sooner the virus will be over.

John Stevenson

Double standards

Re: Let the speedway operate?

I agree with you that there seem to be double standard when it comes to the government allowing places like the PNE opening, or turning a blind eye to night clubs, opening the restaurant and bars.

Look at the cases of places having to shut down because of COVID cases entering, these establishments, why  can't casinos open with the bar and restaurants in phase three. At least they sell food, to my experience night clubs in Kelowna do not sell food — you had to go out and hunt down the smokey truck on the corner or head to Denny's or Whitespot after a night of clubbing.

So why did the government allow these places to open. I think maybe it's who ever is lining the pockets of our government that get to open. 

Mae Lewis 

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