Stand up to anti-vaxers

I believe it's time to power the people to flex their collective muscle.

Say we created a Kelowna United group that wanted to stand-up to the anti-vaxers.

We have rights too.

If clubs, businesses, restaurants and so on denied entry to those that aren't vaccinated that would would be start to a new mindset. Yes, you have the right to not get the vaccine, and you have the right call Skip The Dishes, to order delivery not you don't have the right to put others in jeopardy.

We all have the right to vote, but we do need a card.

The bottom line can't be calling the shots on Covid, the people do. Not businesses not the politicians. (too many secret agendas)

I'd be happy to take my business to places that offered this level of protection to the public and their workers.

No vaccine, no health insurance for Covid related issues.

Stephen Barber

Bring back the travel ban

Interior Health is seeing a rise in positive Covid cases. We are also seeing a rise in tourists, along with evacuees from the fires. Are the number of positive tests for Interior Health based on only residents or Interior Health or are they the total number of positive tests, including outsiders?

If they include outsiders, then Bonnie Henry should re-introduce the travel ban, and not punish those who live here.

I know the Okanagan relies on tourism, but at what cost to residents?

Barbara Moore

Enough is enough

I cannot believe that Dr Henry is wielding her power again. I am shocked that this is happening so soon after just reopening. When the Fraser and Vancouver regions were high in Covid numbers earlier this year she shut down the total province and now she is picking regions. Our illustrious mayor told the world we were open so come on in. Everybody knew this would happen considering Kelowna is a big tourist city.

You cannot force people to get vaccinated if they do not believe in it. Find another excuse already. I listened to Dr Henry saying you can mix vaccinations. Thank you very much I may never be able to cruise again and unable to travel to several countries. We may need a booster. Well you know what you can do with your booster.

Is the power wielding Dr Henry going to continue to shutdown and open up whenever she feels like it at her whim? Enough is enough already. Let us live our lives again.

Thank you MLA Renee Merrifield for voicing your concern over this recent mandatory mask issue I am waiting for you to share any information you may receive with us.

Darlene Kalyta


Mind you own business

I'm not sure why everyone is so suddenly concerned what someone else does with their body or within their household. Two years ago you wouldn't have cared what someone thought or did within the walls of their home or to their body. In fact, people have been asking for more rights for their body over the last couple years than for any other time in history. Suddenly, someone's body has become everyone else's choice.

I think it's time we stopped being so concerned with everyone else and started being more concerned with ourselves and our own households. What someone does or does not do with their body is not your choice. If you have chosen to get vaccinated congratulations, you are now protected from the virus. If you have chosen not to be vaccinated, congratulations you are not protected from the virus. Both these choices can live out the consequences of their own decisions. Stop being concerned with someone else.

If you've been vaccinated stop calling those who have not selfish. It's not your concern if they end up in the ICU. If you have not been vaccinated, stop calling those who have sheep. It's not your concern what happens to them.

All of these COVID restrictions started to help prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed. I think it's safe to say that they have not been. The people who have been overwhelmed are the first responders, responding to endless overdose calls, but nothing about drug recovery seems to be on the political agenda.

Countries that have started mandating vaccinations and passports are seeing massive protests. You need to ask yourself, is this what you want for your country and your city, massive division and social unrest? Or would you rather stop being so concerned about everyone else and just focus on you and your family.

Your vaccinated, congratulations you're protected from the virus. So what are you so worried about?

Shonah Nykiforuk

Are you serious?

Re: Is this punishment?

In regards to the letter sent by Fran about the letter received from Interior Health about you not being vaccinated.

Well good on Interior Health centreing you and everyone else out there that hasn’t had their vaccine for one reason or another. The people who are vaccinated need to know who isn’t so we can stay the hell away from you.

I think those who did not get vaccinated, by choice of course, should have to pay for all your medical costs associated with COVID if you get infected and anyone else they have come in contact with and spread the virus to them, you should be paying for theirs too. I am so sick of these self-centered people who think they are above everyone else and the ones who take even a suggestion to get vaccinated as a shot to their privacy

I mean seriously, you wrote this letter to Castanet and put your full name on it, now everyone knows you have not been vaccinated, not just the postal worker that delivered your mail.

Shelley Matotek

Shelley Matotek

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