Held at higher standard

Re: Cop pointed gun at officer

I am shocked that this police officer that pointed a gun at another officer has not been fired or charged. Under the Criminal Act of Canada, anyone who points a firearm (load or unloaded) at another person without lawful excuse is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for up to 5 years. An indictable offence is considered to be the most serious of criminal offences.

If you or I did this we would likely be in jail, have a criminal record, and likely be banned from owning firearms. She thought it was “dark humour”. Her punishment is a transfer and some pay docked – give me a break! Do the laws apply differently to police officers than to the average citizen? They should be held to a higher standard.

William McBride, Kelowna

Do the right thing, resign

We must not stay quiet any longer regarding the action of political leaders and other leaders in official capacity.

What about you ask? I’m am tired of hearing the phrase “I’m sorry, I should have known better, I should have taken the public’s sacrifices into consideration etc “ and on and on the excuses go.

Well SORRY just doesn’t cut it with me and the majority of the public.

I am angered by the fact they feel entitled to do whatever and not consider others.

We are so restricted in our movements, yet they feel that does not apply to them.

How can I in good conscience have any faith in their leadership or even trust them.

What really bothers me is that these entitled persons should all resign from their positions.

Instead they say SORRY and their bosses just accept this. There seems to be no penalty or consequences. Just seems that almost every day there is another person in an elite position who fesses up. And usually they are caught instead of being forthcoming. I will say I have much admiration for the few that have resigned and man/womaned up. It’s the right thing to do.

Irene Hawrysh, Kelowna

No more retail please

Re: What to replace Costco

Now that (rightly or wrongly) Costco will be allowed to move its location, there will be a huge chunk of land at the old location. We really don’t need any more retail locations or malls or shopping plazas to be set up in this space. Covid-19 has shown how much people like buying on-line, and that is definitely a sign for the future. So how about a “civic” development, maybe a new ice arena for the Rockets (that would allow their downtown site to be redeveloped into tourist space), how about an Olympic swimming pool or sports centre with indoor running track, (like the Olympic Oval in Richmond) a place that could bring in more sports tournaments. There are several hotels in the area within walking distance for teams / supporters, the site would have ample parking.

Yes it would require some City funding and I’m sure there might be government funding available down the road, BUT PLEASE, no more retail space, let’s do something for the area, do something for the City that can do some good.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna


Multi-sport facility needed

Re: What to replace Costco

The sports community of Kelowna (all neighbourhoods) really needs a multi sport facility (not another soccer dome or arena) but for court specific sports. Pickleball, volleyball, basketball and gym court rentals are next to impossible to find in Kelowna and that location would bring a lot of business to the local shops being built or currently around that area. Moms could drop their kids off to play their sport and then go do running around to Walmart, Home Depot or just go hit some balls at golf town. Yes the ladies like to do that too! Adult sport groups could play games and then head to some of the restaurants in the area too. I think it would be ideal! I believe the roof is high enough for all court sports to be played on so I think the city of Kelowna should do something for the youth and athletes who play court sports as we continuously build places to play soccer and hockey, yet court sports have just as many athletes and now more than ever (with schools closing their gyms for COVID but also the school district tightening rentals).

I feel that that area would be amazing to have a multi-court facility where all sports can flourish and keep the kids of Kelowna out of trouble and in the gym!

Tammy Thomas, T2 Volleyball

Fireworks irresponsible

Besides being illegal to set off, your need for thrills negatively affect seniors, children, anyone on the autism spectrum, and pets. To set off fireworks on the property of an elementary school in a residential area at 10:30 p.m. is childish and incredibly immature not to mention selfish and irresponsible.

My cat still won't come out from under my bed. I live one street over.

Lisa Reynolds

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