Letter: Change your red plates

Change your red plates

There is a lot of negative news about BC restricting Albertans from making non essential travel to the Okanagan.

Here's my take.

I spent 25 years living and working in Alberta before moving to Penticton three years ago. First thing I did was relinquish my Alberta plates and insure my vehicle as a B.C. resident.

If you live here permanently and continue to drive with Alberta plates you are cheating the system. Your Alberta plates misrepresent who is actually a B.C. resident and suggest you are a visitor making non essential travel

I don't like the news that Alberta vehicles have been vandalized, but getting your B.C. plates and insurance can eliminate this risk.

Chris Lavallee

Letter: When in Rome

When in Rome

Re: Insulted by stay away plea

My wife and I were raised in Alberta, lived most of our lives there, then retired to Blind Bay 13 years ago. 

We found no problem, provided that: "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." 

This past holiday weekend, Dr. Bonnie Henry, pleaded with all BC residents to stay home and avoid 'unessential travel', to reduce the risk of spreading this virus, at a crucial stage.  f you own property here, the term 'resident' also includes you!  If you don't wish to obey BC law, then visit Saskatchewan.

Similarly, don't spend monies here; indeed this is the very  point Health Minister Dix is trying to make —please buy all your groceries in Alberta before coming here, so that you can self isolate at home.

Alberta has 2.5 time more Covid cases than BC, and we don't want  more! 

Salmon Arm's hospital is small, but serves a large area of vulnerable seniors, and is not equipped to handle large outbreaks like Calgary.

Yes you paid millions of tax dollars, for the 'privilege' of owning a piece of PARADISE, but we also want to keep it this way!  

Unfortunately, just because you choose to be on holidays, does not mean that the virus is on holidays, nor that our laws do not apply. I can assure you, that you will always be welcome here, provided that you respect and adapt to your surroundings and NOT expect BC to adapt to you!

Ken Smith,  Blind Bay

Letter: WorkSafe can't invest either

WorkSafe can't invest either

Last week it was ICBC crying they lost $1 billion in their investment portfolio. Now we hear WorksafeBC has lost almost $3 billion. Seems to be a common thread, all these associated with the BC government have no idea how to manage investments. I don’t imagine Warren Buffet has lost billions.

The truth is they haven’t actually lost anything unless they sold off late at a discount. Most stocks have rebounded nicely in the last few weeks. By the end of summer value stocks could be back to pre-covid levels. They both need to fire their fund managers and find a competent one, with a proven track record.

Gord Marshall, Kelowna

Letter: Vendetta against cyclists

Vendetta against cyclists

Re: Whippersnapper whatevers

I fail to see how the closing of Bernard to foot traffic becomes a debate on licensing bicycles. Had the writer taken the time to read the article, they would see that the closure is an effort to allow for more patio space so that restaurants can accommodate more people and attempt to turn a profit.

As a downtown cyclist, my first thought was that I would now be dismounting and walking through this area to avoid people and patios or avoid the area altogether while on my bike.

What exactly is your vendetta against cyclists? I believe you are barking up the wrong tree on this one.

Caroline Loesgen 

Letter: Visit our neighbourhood

Visit our neighbourhood

Re: Show me the proof

We invite you to come and spend a day or two with us. Come to our store. Come and meet the store owner, one of the most generous, most compassionate people you will ever meet.

Always helping those unfortunate. He is the one paying for the broken glass and damages and now , what he thought he’d never have to do, install metal barricades on the glass to hopefully deter this from happening again.  By the way, he just replaced the glass in the door a month ago).And also the worry of what is next. Who is out of pocket over $1, 500? You?

The police identified this man from the homeless camp. We are not saying that all homeless people are bad and are to blame. We are caring  people. But this is a senseless act. And only the business owner is the one who pays.  Is this right? Come and hang out with us. Look around our neighbourhood. If you are so quick to judge and submit a  response to one of our long  term neighbours — over 20 years, never ever a problem until now — then Please!  Tell us your thoughts. From the eyes of the homeowner and the friendly little corner store, what are your thoughts towards a solution? 

We have seen it. We breathe it and live it every day.  People stealing and vandalizing right in front of us! Yes! We see it. Yes, we have proof! And yes, it is getting worse every single day. We have cameras!  Do you?

Come and spend the day with us. Listen to what our customers, our neighbours are dealing with, staying awake at night, watching and scared. Putting up barbed wire along their fence tops. Please come and see for yourself. And then tell us your thoughts.  What if this was happening in your neighbourhood. What would you do? We’d love some advice! 

Levilie Vermette

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