Do you do your own taxes, or hire someone?

Poll: do your own taxes?

British Columbians are headed to a tax season unlike any other.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many members of the workforce to carry on with their duties from home. While many deductions related to transportation and entertainment understandably dried up, some taxpayers are wondering how to report the acquisition of hardware and software that was essential to turn their kitchen table into an office desk.

Research Co. and Glacier Media asked British Columbians earlier this month about how they paid their taxes last year and what their plans are for the current fiscal period. We also wanted to see if the concept of taxes is equally off-putting regardless of its various forms.

Looking back at the behaviour reported by British Columbians in 2020, we found that just over half of the province’s residents (51%) filed their taxes by themselves, with the assistance of software or apps. One in five (20%) relied directly on an accountant or firm, while fewer chose either to file on their own without any additional programs (12%) or to contract the services of a tax preparation company (also 12%).

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