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Can-do attitude

Bardel Entertainment shows their can-do attitude with their Foodapalooza video and they're looking to get the same enthusiasm from the five local businesses they challenged.


Song and a challenge

Walker Real Estate has accepted their Foodapalooza challenge and wasted no time at all challenging five more local businesses.

CWB accepts challenge

Canadian Western Bank has accepted their Foodapalooza Challenge and are collecting food donations for the next four weeks.

Yeti Farm delivers

Yeti Farm has accepted their Foodapalooza Challenge and filled several boxes with donations.

Now it's time for the five local businesses they challenged to get filming and have some fun for this great cause.

Small car, big donation

Porrelli Law filled a small car with a huge amount of food for their Foodapalooza Challenge video!

Babies and mangos?

Touchstone Law Group has gone above and beyond with their Foodapalooza Challenge for five other local businesses.

Watch this video to find out what all the mango talk is about.

IRIS is happy to help

IRIS in Kelowna was challenged by a neighouring business for the Foodapalooza Challenge and they couldn't have been happier to accept.

IRIS has even made an impressive challenge of their own to some local businesses.


Batman to the rescue

Peacock Sheridan calls on Batman to help them complete their Foodapalooza Challenge. Batman also helps them nominate five more businesses in the Kelowna area.

Lake City Casino chips in

Lake City Casino in Kelowna has accepted their Foodapalooza Challenge and have asked five of their neighours to do the same.

Glazier Polley perfection


Glazier Polley has joined the Foodapalooza Challenge and have asked five more businesses to do the same.

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