Horoscope: Feb. 28-Mar. 6


Financial negotiations need to settle on an amount that works for all involved. Seek easy terms if it will lower stress.

Agreements can be very congenial when all is said and done. Perks, bonuses or windfalls are icing on the cake so think about what you want to do with them.

A turning point for some indicates a move to bigger and better things or to consider other locations.

Rules and regulations need upgrade as well. Discuss what will work with those who need to accept or abide by them.

Creativity or design projects are favoured, so get going. A lot of chatter in the air is like birds in spring.

There is hope on many levels for the future. Smile.

ARIES: Discuss relationships in private to see what level would be comfortable going forward now.

TAURUS: Your reputation goes before you and helps you advance plans with those being affected.

GEMINI: Career or status goes to the next level and this becomes a stepping stone to reach higher.

CANCER: Discuss the past at length to find a solution to anything that has been stalled or ended.

LEO: Connect to those who supported you in the past, they are still there in times of need. Call.

VIRGO: Relationship talks relax and you discuss the future in personal or business areas. Meet.

LIBRA: Look at financial growth. This may involve reviewing the past or added value to assets.

SCORPIO: Your situation becomes more solid or secure. Changes fall into place with more ease.

SAGITTARIUS: Be the driving force where decisions affect others. Your sense of justice wins out.

CAPRICORN: Opportunity for income or advancement is closer than you think. Check carefully.

AQUARIUS: Your words inspire and your generosity is appreciated. Do Facetime or meet them.

PISCES: Others find you more attractive now allowing you to ram rod changes affecting outcome

Horoscope: Feb. 21-27


The rules change as certain individuals settle into their power or position. T

here is continued game playing going on. Unexpected sources of income help to tip the scales; backing shifts from one to the other. Time will tell if this was a good idea or not.

The push is on to advance agendas or reach important goals. Information coming forward can have an effect on status or reputation of all involved.

Some don’t care who they throw under the bus.

The full moon in Virgo encourages practical thought and action.

Get clearance on funding from those who control it. Go over past agreements to see if wording needs to be changed. Make a deal.

ARIES: You can pull a rabbit out of the hat and rise to a better position catching other off guard.

TAURUS: Join forces with associates to secure some backing or involvement going forward now.

GEMINI: You have a power source that others are not aware of. You may have to call them up.

CANCER: Legal or official matters ramp up. Discuss a plan of action with those who can help.

LEO: Decide if where you are and what you have is enough. You are ready to take on more.

VIRGO: You want to feel settled and secure no matter what the situation is. Pull some rank.

LIBRA: You gain easily now on any level. Others recognize your value and will make way.

SCORPIO: Your words carry weight and give direction to those who want to know what’s up.

SAGITTARIUS: You are on top of your game and others agree you are a key player in things.

CAPRICORN: Dive in where others won’t and you come out smelling like a rose. Take over.

AQUARIUS: Pull strings behind the scenes and this can affect individuals or circumstances.

PISCES: You allow your passions to show where they count. Private relationships will grow.

Horoscope: Feb. 14-20


Follow the advice of experts in the field as it's time to face the facts.

Those on the same page band together and sink or swim as a unit. Waking up to reality is the only way to recover and move forward.

Assess direction or which path is open now. Salvage what you can even if you have to go it alone temporarily.

Special celebrations can have grand decor or settings as some seek more free expression.

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day parties or events. Keep it light and safe.

True leadership is recognized as everyone adjusts to the new normal. Radical behaviour is curbed to some degree or rebranded.

Mercury resumes forward path.

ARIES: Allow your name to stand if nominated or picked in a selection process. You can handle it.

TAURUS: Your influence grows regarding what will happen to others or special situations. Regroup.

GEMINI: Discussing private information or evidence gives you a certain amount of leverage with it.

CANCER: Finalize agreement or settlements that affect finances or your future security. Check data.

LEO: Heart-to-heart talks clear away any misunderstandings. Relationships tighten up. Hug it out.

VIRGO: Grand plans can still move forward even if they need a different venue to succeed now.

LIBRA: You may have to wing it while you decide on your next move or any changes. Make deals.

SCORPIO: Lay down certain rules or protocols to add a level of comfort and security for everyone.

SAGITTARIUS: Stand up for what you believe in and it will have the desired effect where needed.

CAPRICORN: Present or explain your knowledge and abilities to those interested in what you do.

AQUARIUS: Take command in a calm, convincing way. Others realize you know your stuff well.

PISCES: Past matters come up for review. Organize how you want it to be dealt with — positive or negative.


Horoscope: Feb. 7-13


The new moon and beginning of the year of the Ox bring hope for change and renewal.

Some expectations change as a solid, feet-on-the-ground position is sought or strengthened.

Work with others even though it is not apparent how talented they are; have patience.

There is glitz, glamour and entertainment. Relax into duties or responsibilities.

Retrograde Mercury continues, so allow for a period of adjustment. Have repairs done if needed. This can include equipment upgrades, rules and regulations. Decorations can be grand, costly or extravagant, but worth it.

Information catches some off guard. Allow reaction time to regroup. Assess it all.

ARIES: You will be the toast of the town or selected for other special attention. Your status rises.

TAURUS: You reach a new level of production or achievement and you feel good about all this.

GEMINI: You pull strings behind the scenes regarding matters over distance. Play it cool for now.

CANCER: New or renewed financial arrangements involve others of the past. Get papers ready.

LEO: All relationships need careful scrutiny to decide who stays and who goes. This will matter.

VIRGO: Focus on what you are capable of compared to what you would like to do. Be realistic.

LIBRA: You are lucky now and can achieve a new level of freedom. Romance will blossom, too.

SCORPIO: Arrange home or office more to your liking and settle into a more comfortable routine.

SAGITTARIUS: Those near or far become more aware of you on various levels. Speak or inform.

CAPRICORN: Check out new or renewed sources of income. Shift focus to what takes priority.

AQUARIUS: You shine under the new moon. Step out and be seen. Advance your agenda now.

PISCES: Establish or regain your influence behind the scenes. Dreams can come true for you.

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