Horoscope: August 1-7

OVERVIEW: An intersection or break point is reached. Some step back or drop off as others continue on the path. It's time to decide where you stand on a lot of things. You might call it a period of reckoning. In any case think carefully before taking action. Don’t let guilt or hindsight sway you. The past is the past. Sudden outbursts of emotion do not win you any fans. Gather the courage to step out of your familiar surroundings or comfort zone in career or personal areas. Relationships would need an adjustment after this. Adapt to changes as long as it is a step forward. Write your own ticket if you know what you want or how to get it. Break from negativity.

ARIES: Power plays cause heated words. Avoid taking unnecessary actions. It will settle down.

TAURUS: Your influence affects others who count on your support financially or otherwise now.

GEMINI: Handle the unexpected by producing evidence or support to make them understood.

CANCER: Focus on security, money or assets. Those you counted on may have other priorities.

LEO: Relationships have an effect on status or reputation so choose your associates carefully.

VIRGO: Work with those in positions of authority. Explain what you need and what they provide.

LIBRA: Allow others to show their hand before you play yours. Gather necessary information.

SCORPIO: You have the ability to influence decisions affecting those waiting to hear from you.

SAGITTARIUS: Give decisions consideration before making them final as it affects status quo.

CAPRICORN: Look at future direction and financial stability going forward. It will matter soon.

AQUARIUS: Make choices with mate, partner, home or property matters. it seems timely now.

PISCES: A lot goes on behind the scenes or at administrative levels. Follow proper protocols.


Horoscope: July 25-31

OVERVIEW: Look for firm footing among illusion. Dig for proof or facts before accepting things at face value. Power plays continue in a more subtle way; careful who you trust with confidential information going forward. Clear communication will enhance new or renewed relationships. Avoid being too flip with those who are more sensitive. Mend fences where possible as this will make things more pleasant for all involved. Major financial decisions need to be discussed among all those who will be affected by them. Love can blossom in unlikely places among unusual people. See what you have in common and make plans accordingly. Enjoy each other.

ARIES: Be willing to make necessary changes to strengthen your position in personal or business.

TAURUS: You feel you need a break or just want to shake things up. Follow your heart intentions.

GEMINI: You can work from home or alternate locations. Handle this in a confidential manner now.

CANCER: Deal with things over distance as it would take extra effort to do this on site. Patience.

LEO: You benefit from the good will of others as they show how much you are valued. Go to lunch.

VIRGO: You show your emotions to those you would like a response from. Things get resolved.

LIBRA: Praise or appreciation comes your way. You will realize you have been helpful to them.

SCORPIO: Put in an appearance as others want to hear from you. Be calm and reassuring, etc.

SAGITTARIUS: You will exude confidence and leadership. Others see you as a beacon of hope.

CAPRICORN: Make arrangements financially to feel more stable or secure going forward now.

AQUARIUS: Relationships go to another level where loving devotion increases between you.

PISCES: Let others know how much they are needed depending on the situation as it stands.

Horoscope: July 18-24

OVERVIEW: Pay attention to signs and signals as there could be hidden messages or warnings. Some are playing games. Avoid anything or anyone that is a trigger; actions are taken on purpose. It's time to get out of dodge if situations become messy. Make use of the unexpected. Arrive where intuition tells you to go. Some have to leave where they are as there is no other choice. Have things ready to go. Love connections lead to meeting in secret or running away together. Discuss future goals before taking this further as it could affect the plans of others. Time any disclosures for the least collateral damage. Pick up the pieces where you can.

ARIES: Find the spot you like to regroup your energies and organize plans for the future now.

TAURUS: Check with those who had your back before and see if they are still available. Call.

GEMINI: Personal or residential situation eases and you can relax a bit. Discuss the future.

CANCER: You become more focused on finances near or far. Get ready with any documents.

LEO: Your magnetism attracts compliments or flirtations. Have fun with this. Get together.

VIRGO: Get a clear understanding of what you expect others to do. Take time explaining.

LIBRA: You should be feeling better as solutions are found. Follow instructions to the end.

SCORPIO: Your words carry weight and can be the deciding factor in positions or others.

SAGITTARIUS: Financial arrangements have a positive effect on status or reputation, etc.

CAPRICORN: Private arrangements benefit you and there is more to come. Relax details.

AQUARIUS: You shine on the job or in the eyes of others in a more personal way. It's good.

PISCES: It will be easier to work with others once you get them all on the same page now.


Horoscope: July 11-17

OVERVIEW: This will be an emotional week with heightened passions. They play out in a positive or negative way depending on the situation. Many will wear their hearts on their sleeves. Make sure care is given to the right ones. Those who have been harbouring secret feelings for someone will have the urge to speak up. Make sure the coast is clear so neither will be embarrassed by this. Have an exit plan if it does not go the way you expected. It could be a timing issue if either is going through a break-up or grieving. Avoid bending the rules or taking shortcuts. True love will win out when all is said and done. Nurture this in a cozy environment. Hugs.

ARIES: Choose where to meet so there will be a degree of privacy. Decide what you need or want.

TAURUS: Keep a light touch with matters over distance. Others step up to the plate or help out.

GEMINI: Your words or communications are passionate or poetic much to the delight of others now.

CANCER: You show your emotions more over finances or assets especially those jointly held, etc.

LEO: Strut your stuff and make an impression. You can influence others more easily than before.

VIRGO: Those in positions of power are on your side so you can explain what you really want.

LIBRA: Accept praise, awards or other perks that come your way. You deserve all you can get.

SCORPIO: Your popularity is on the rise so step into the spotlight. Let information flow forward.

SAGITTARIUS: Connections over distance deepen or solidify. Negotiate special term with them.

CAPRICORN: Your value rises and others are willing to pay what you are worth. Discuss deals.

AQUARIUS: Relationships reach the partner or marriage state. It has to empower both to work.

PISCES: Associates are helpful in ways that all involved will benefit. Get the ball rolling to gain.

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