Horoscope: Mar. 29-April 4


The energy of Mars and Saturn combined indicates cool-headed, strategic plans or actions are required now.

Brakes are applied.

Go over or around any obstacles or those in the way. Power trips can reach extreme levels so handle this with kid gloves. Those involved are not open to reason at the moment.

Tackle projects that require a lot of effort or construction, etc. Some emotional matters are blocked; just wait.

Distance yourself from areas of conflict. Speak in low tones to avoid sounding threatening as nerves are on edge.

Step back or behind the scenes to let drama play out. Respected individuals will take centre stage. This is good.

ARIES: Stand firm in your position if you know it is right or true. Withstand any opposition or threat.

TAURUS: You have decision-making power right now, so you need to weigh who or what is affected.

GEMINI: You attract flattery, love and compliments as the planet Venus moves into your sign now.

CANCER: Intuition is strong and can paint a nice picture for your imagination. Unite your forces.

LEO: You receive compensation for your efforts in more than one way. Collect them for your use.

VIRGO: Bonds grow stronger, but still need more time to develop, so privacy is needed on all sides.

LIBRA: You come up with solutions to save the day at work or in other areas. It all works out now.

SCORPIO: You have some control or influence over how or where someone will live. Evaluate it.

SAGITTARIUS: Be firm or in control of terms. Others will see the reasoning behind it and agree.

CAPRICORN: You put forth great effort or do overtime where needed. Instruct or show them how.

AQUARIUS: Meet with powerful or influential individuals behind the scenes. They seek your info.

PISCES: Your words or presentations capture the attention of those wanting to get in on things.


Horoscope: March 22-28


Those seeking decisions or action are feeling the pressure.

Try not to be impatient with those you need on your side. There may a few hoops to jump through by you or them. Do whatever helps to relax while you wait.

Sharpen skills with how you handle others or red tape. Talk to officials or authorities if it will help move things along. Intuition can be a guide as well. Take calls or respond to messages that could supply information.

The new moon in Aries fires up the urge to do something. Look at ways to fast track or go around obstacles; use equipment to help with this.

Situations ease so time can be spent on financial matters. Love grows.

ARIES: The new moon in your sign sees you revved to get going. Keep an eye on your main goals.

TAURUS: Handle behind the scenes matters near or far. Agreements may need an adjustment.

GEMINI: You can smile while knowing you have the winning hand in any games that are playing.

CANCER: Work together with those in the position to help with your agenda. Expect surprises.

LEO: Others admire what you do and see you as No. 1 in their books. Stay the course.

VIRGO: Strong feelings you have for someone may be different than the ones they have for you.

LIBRA: You become aware of extra value that you can count on. Convert to cash if you need to.

SCORPIO: Emotional or passionate words carry weight with those who count. Clarify situations.

SAGITTARIUS: Your earning capacity increases easily as others see your abilities and connect.

CAPRICORN: Your feelings become more focused in the right area or on the right people now.

AQUARIUS: Private deals or arrangements are worthwhile. Pull things together to make gains.

PISCES: Meet with those who will benefit from the same source or agenda. It works out for all.

Horoscope: March 15-21


Consolidate data or messages so they can be viewed quickly; this is important to the end game.

Discuss short cuts that can be cost-saving measures when all is said and done. Those wishing to move on to other things should take their stuff and go. Some need to sort out the emotional reasons for this.

Cross roads are reached and can’t be ignored. Those being pushed by circumstance need to deal with the changes that are occurring.

Temporary confinement may be necessary during transition. Check rules or regulations to see where you have support.

Discuss where everyone is headed. Secure a practical path in order to arrive on time.

ARIES: Step into a more open or leadership role. Others rely on your expertise or connections now.

TAURUS: Handle long-distance matters privately until you are able to talk about the details to others.

GEMINI: You can speak out with the knowledge that those who count will stand by or give backup.

CANCER: Formal or legal matters have an effect on your status, reputation or future path. Adjust.

LEO: Hold the line if others try to pull rank on you. The pecking order is shifting, so be aware of this.

VIRGO: Avoid spending too much on what looks like an opportunity. Let this pass for now. Be open.

LIBRA: Take care of pressing matters related to home or family. Navigate circumstances or move.

SCORPIO: What you say or do may be seen as a command of sorts. Explain the reasons you give.

SAGITTARIUS: Take care of papers or documents that will benefit you financially or in other ways.

CAPRICORN: Step into a role that suits your knowledge or experience. It will calm others easily.

AQUARIUS: Meetings behind closed doors bring important individuals together to compare notes.

PISCES: Present your ideas or plans in an unusual or entertaining manner. Others will enjoy it.


Horoscope: March 8-14

OVERVIEW: Those feeling out of sorts should get more sleep or stay home. Others around you don’t need to be put on edge by this. Do some soul searching to tune into where you should be placing your focus. Balance needs with wants. Flirtations can create a fun distraction if you have time on your hands. This works like a catalyst for change where needed; move on. The full moon on Monday adds some emotional pickiness that is followed by Mercury resuming forward motion so choices can be made. Take the high road in any settlements in order to limit any backlash. Friday the 13th is lucky. Plan trips or an escape from pressure anyway. 

ARIES: You can say what others want to hear and they agree to come on board with some of it.

TAURUS: Update your appearance or wardrobe and you will get a favourable response. Smile. 

GEMINI: Behind the scenes relationships can become a distraction as you adjust certain matters. 

CANCER: Unusual relationships allow you to step out of your comfort zone. Plan to get together. 

LEO: Take a chance as you have added luck this week. There could be extra income or perks.

VIRGO: Travel could be to strange or unique destinations if you are willing to check them out. 

LIBRA: Keep certain matters private until you know who is connected to them or in charge, etc.

SCORPIO: Look deeper into relationships before taking the next step or moving in together. 

SAGITTARIUS: Wheel and deal on home or property matters. Ease into agreements that suit.

CAPRICORN: You can plan or direct others on what they should do as you have the expertise. 

AQUARIUS: Finances can be increased in unexpected ways. Follow your instincts to the gains. 

PISCES: Your association to influential individuals will boost your own status or business, etc.

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