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Rebecca Black 'ashamed'

Rebecca Black has apologized for making a joke about the Holocaust, admitting she's "deeply ashamed" of taking part in the skit with shamed YouTuber Shane Dawson.

The Friday singer responded to a video of the moment shared on Twitter, which showed her having to "act out" the genocide for Dawson to guess. In doing so, Rebecca mimicked flames with her hands.

Responding to the video, from seven years ago, Rebecca wrote: "I am deeply ashamed to have taken part in such an offensive bit. Yes I was 16, uncomfortable, and didn't know this was coming...

"I am so sorry to those I have hurt. I wish what I would have done was shut such an offensive joke down, rather than uncomfortably play into something I deep down knew was wrong."

Rebecca also called on Dawson to apologize for his part in the skit, adding: "Shane, I know that deep down you are trying to learn and grow. But we must do better & take complete responsibility for how harmful this is. @shanedawson."

Dawson has been hitting headlines for numerous reasons in the past few weeks, including being accused of sexualising a then 11-year-old Willow Smith and participating in a scheme to bring down fellow YouTuber James Charles.

Since the allegations, YouTube has made the decision to suspend monetisation on all three of Dawson's channels, while U.S. chain Target has removed his books from sale.

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