Do you want a provincial election this fall?

Poll: snap election call

Mayor of Summerland Toni Boot has been announced as the BC NDP candidate for the Penticton riding, further stoking speculation that the Premier will call a snap election.

“The people living in the Penticton area deserve a strong leader who can work closely with government to help them and their families face the challenges in their lives—challenges that have only been increased by the pandemic,” Boot said in a press release.

“Our region needs a recovery that focuses on affordability and builds back a better economy—one that helps us protect our environment.”

While key components of her press release highlighted her fight against racism, advocacy for climate change and agriculture, it doesn't outline how Boot will manage her post as Mayor of Summerland during a campaign.

Boot sought the NDP nomination for the Penticton riding in advance of the 2017 provincial election, but lost out to Penticton city councillor Tarik Sayeed, who went on to lose to incumbent Liberal MLA Dan Ashton by a large margin.

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