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Cops raid Dua video shoot

Police raided the set of Dua Lipa's upcoming music video after complaints from concerned locals in London reported the star flouting lockdown rules.

According to British tabloid The Sun, the New Rules star was accompanied by a large crew on the set in Shoreditch, east London, on Wednesday night for the filming which, according to onlookers, didn't adhere to social distancing regulations.

"Dua and her entourage were having the time of their lives, but for those living around them it was a nightmare," they said. "It looked as though the people on the shoot were breaking rules and social distancing was totally out of the question.

"There were extras and what appeared to be dancers swarming around. Some people looked as though they were drinking too, so it ended up being quite rowdy," the source added.

"People in the area are respecting the law, so to see a pop star openly break it was poor form. Someone called the police. It was late at night and deserted there but, ultimately, it's a smack in the face for locals who had to listen to it going on."

It's not the first time the artist has been criticized for not following coronavirus rules - in August, the Physical hitmaker came under fire for attending a large social gathering in California during the pandemic.

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