Cops lurk at liquor stores?

I have been living here for 15 years, in that time I have been pulled over by the RCMP eight times for suspicion of DUI. Every one of those times it was after purchasing liquor at the OK Corral Liquor Store. The police actually hide down the street or across the street in the parking lots and then followed me before pulling me over.

This year I have been pulled over twice by the same officer using the same techniques. Like all times before, I blew a 0. I was last pulled over this morning. I have never seen this type of police behaviour at the government liquor stores, it is like they are targeting a private business on purpose.

In past before the new laws were introduced that allowed for them to pull over a driver without a reason, they would lie and say they suspected I had an open container as the reason and one actually lectured me for having a sealed bottle in a bag on the passenger seat and told me to move it to the storage compartment in the back of my minivan.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this or experienced this discrimination against patrons of a private liquor store? 

Shane Johnson

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