The Kamloops Legion saw an increase in poppy campaign support in 2020, despite the pandemic

Poppy support blooms

The Kamloops Legion poppy campaign beat the odds this year raising more money than years past, in spite of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Though the full count is not available at this time, Legion president, Daniel Martin, is extremely optimistic and grateful to the Kamloops community. 

“We don’t have the final count yet, but the generosity of the Kamloops community is always outstanding, and this year more than ever,” Martin said. “Those veterans that were directly involved in the campaign are excited, having seen the overwhelming support.” 

The outpouring of support during the campaign this year may come as a surprise to some as the global pandemic continues, but for Martin, he was not shocked.  

Martin expects that while this has been a tough year for Kamloops residents, the community realizes it has been even tougher for Veterans and the elderly community. 

“I think they know how hard it is, with Veterans and the elderly not being able to leave their homes and go out and get things,” said Martin. “All the proceeds from this campaign go to assisting as many veterans as possible, and this year the outreach can be further and help more veterans.” 

Across the country, the Legion has suffered with donations this year as less contributions are coming in. 

Dominion Command, or better known as headquarters, has requested additional funding from the Federal Government in order to combat the decrease in funds. As a result, the Government will contribute $14-million to the Royal Canadian Legion.  

Though the pandemic has affected some events of the Kamloops Legion, such as Meat draws being suspended until the Health Authority rescind the restrictions, the lounge remains open with the adjusted hours of 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. everyday.    

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