Don't blame the government

For those of you who still think that restrictions aren’t necessary.  I have only one question for you? Did you see the chaotic mess that some countries got into because they ignored the virus? Did you watch the news where they showed rows of sick people in hospital hallways?

Even if we didn’t have a lockdown, history says that people wouldn’t be doing business as usual and things could be a lot worse.

Do people know that we now have special therapy clinics for those that suffered from COVID. How much money do you think the health care system would have to spend if the numbers were twice that of what they are? Money is being spent on stupid people who flout the restrictions and end up in the hospital and those who pretend that the virus isn’t real.

The world doesn’t shut down for something that isn’t serious!

If we didn’t have restrictions the virus would take over the country. How stupid do you have to be, to complain about restrictions. It’s the government’s job to protect the people, especially from those of you who show selfishness and ingratitude and put the rest of us at risk.

Folks. Beating the COVID problem is a team sport

Shame on you! And stop your whining.

Debbie Belair


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