Time to come together?

We have all heard or seen what has happened in just the last week south of the border.

And here in Canada we are not immune. COVID-19 is raging and governments at all levels are feeling the heat from Canadians who are scared, mad, frustrated. But if we are to come together and be patient, then we really need to understand why so many and a growing number of Canadians are feeling the way we do.

We follow the rules. We accept the guidance. We do as we are told.

But, our political leaders at all levels and of all persuasions are failing us. As are the public health officials

Junior Trudeau decided to not accept the private sector offer to build domestic vaccine manufacturing. The purchase strategy is falling fall short and has Canada at the mercy of others. Our air borders have been Swiss cheese. There is no clear national inoculation strategy. And the official opposition is nowhere to be seen or heard, or is utterly ineffective at holding the government to account for its Covid failings.

Provincially we see Bonnie Henry on TV and in ads multiple times every day telling us what to do while they fail to do what is really needed. It's like being nagged at constantly about my responsibilities while she ignores her responsibilities - clear and consistent rules, a proper vaccine rollout.

Instead she blindsides an entire sector with restrictions just hours before one of their biggest nights of the year. She thinks priority vaccinations should be given to prisoners as opposed to teachers - or law abiding citizens.

It is time for our political leaders and health officials to realize that it is they who are sowing discontent, confusion and resentment and division. And we see how that goes.

So despite of the incompetence or very flawed decisions in so many areas by our political and health leaders, let's all do our best to be patient and most importantly support and be kind with each other and to each other.

Shawn Thomas, West Kelowna

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