Local singer and songwriter Justin J. Moore releases music video shot entirely in the Okanagan

City featured in music video

Local singer and songwriter Justin J. Moore is celebrating the release of his most recent music video: Someone Who Loved You Can, which was shot entirely in the Okanagan.

Moore is a pop and opera singer who is well-known for his cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Symphony, which he sang with his father Paul Moore, a well known tenor across the Okanagan.

The recent release of Someone Who Loved You Can is “an audio storyline about the dissolution of a relationship,” says Moore, who wrote the song after going through a breakup.

“Each verse was written a month apart from one another, so the first verse was right after the breakup and it was filled with confusion. The second verse is the process of beginning to accept it, and the third verse is all about being healed from it.”

Moore recorded all of the audio and instrumentals himself in his bedroom.

After finishing the song, Moore gathered a small local team to create the video which was shot in only 12 hours.

This included Jackson Parker and Brody Jones who directed it, as well as Chelsea Tansey as the female lead and Taylor McKnight as the male lead.

“I didn’t want to make it about me,” says Moore. “I wanted to try to disconnect myself from the story a little bit, so that’s why there’s performance shots of me in the video but I’m not the actual actor.”

The video features some of Kelowna’s staples such as City Park, Bernard Avenue, the Dayton Street Pedestrian Bridge and the beloved Tree of Hope which lights up every holiday season.

“We knew that we wanted to be by the water and have some of the city atmosphere in it,” says Moore. “We like that it was recognizable and comfortable to us, cause we all grew up around there. We’ve all had experiences there and a lot of the places that we were was exactly where I was with my relationships.”

Moore hopes the song will connect his listeners to him, in a new way.

“Its something that I think will help people connect with me as an artist and I think that’s the biggest reason why I’m so excited about it,” he says. “I think that it adds personality and a lot of substance to my artist image.”

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