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Noble Ridge sparkling, The Fizzy One

Noble Ridge The Fizzy One

Wine: The Fizzy One (sparkling), non-vintage

Winery: Noble Ridge, Okanagan Falls

Why drink it? Frizzante often goes hand-in-hand with fun. A blend of Viognier and Pinot Gris, skin contact with the latter provides a light and delicate peachy hue in the bottle. Pink grapefruit dominates the aromas, along with ripe stone fruits and fresh orchard blossoms. The palate is a pleasant and refreshing mix of rhubarb pie and gooseberries, and bright citrus on the finish. The winery's The One bubbly is for a serious celebration, think engagement party. The Fizzy One is for the next day when you still want to celebrate, but are sitting around gossiping in comfy jeans.

Pair with: Your favourite takeout salmon or tuna poke bowl, veggie or shrimp Pad Thai, a variety of tempura. Great with gourmet pulled pork perogies, followed by a rare dessert of a strawberry and sparkling wine flavoured white chocolate Kit Kat bar.

Price: $22

Music pairing: Edgar's Prayer, Jamie Dornan and Amy Keys (movie soundtrack: Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar)


2019 7 Blanc Township 7

7 Blanc Township 7

Wine: 7 Blanc (white blend), 2019

Winery: Township 7, Penticton

Why drink it? While gaining a reputation for stellar sparkling, the table white wines from this winery deserve attention. Dominated by Gewürztraminer, the unoaked blend includes Viognier, Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Muscat, with the lychee and light floral aromatics of the Gew lifting out of the glass, accompanied by grapefruit and citrus notes that continue on the tastebuds. A touch of sweetness is balanced by that refreshing citrus, finishing with lime zest, a nice crispness, and some white peach and tart apple. A good bottle to keep in the fridge as your house white for the summer.

Pair with: Sitting outside in the sun for a break from Zoom meetings, maybe with a handful of tortilla chips with a slightly spicy guacamole or a tangy Green Goddess dip on the side. Pairs well with Asian cuisines or roasted pears with goat cheese.

Price: $21

Music pairing: On a Clear Day, P.M. Dawn

2018 Tantalus Old Vines Riesling

2018 Old Vines Riesling

Wine: Old Vines Riesling Brut, 2018

Winery: Tantalus, Kelowna

Why drink it? The winery’s reputation for excellent Riesling is well-established, and this sparkling version lives up to it. Making this in the traditional method lends some finesse to this pale flaxen-coloured wine that many may find unique to the world of Okanagan bubbly. The aromas remind one of sitting on a sunny seaside in salt air enjoying skewers of fresh pineapple. Typical dry Riesling flavours of citrus fruits give way to bright acidity dominated by lime, well balanced with delicate bubbles and nice body thanks to secondary fermentation. Step outside your usual Cava or Prosecco choice for this.

Pair with: Whatever you would usually pair with Riesling will do nicely, but remember this is bubbly, so it can handle some experimentation. Go old school with a ham and pineapple dish or even a pineapple upside down cake. Mexican dishes with lime and jalapeno if adventurous.

Price: $44

Music pairing: Recipe for Love, Harry Connick Jr.


2020 Bartier Bros Rosé

Bartier Bros Rose, Oliver

Wine: Rosé, 2020

Winery: Bartier Bros., Oliver

Why drink it? This a fun rosé, an unexpected mix of Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, and Merlot; it tastes like the winery team had a good time with blending trials to get to this result. A subtle pink hue in the bottle may mislead you into thinking the wine itself will be on the soft side, but the aromas of watermelon rind, pink fruits, and spring bluebell flowers sneak out of bottle as soon as it’s opened. The Merlot adds a touch of body and structure against the citrus from the Chard and light tropical elements of the Gew. Fresh rhubarb emerges on the finish.

Pair with: A brunch with fresh red berries in season, or pastries topped with strawberry or raspberry freezer jam. Waffles, pancakes or even toast with ricotta and a drop of honey. Worked well with a healthy chickpea-based salad with fresh cucumber, sweet yellow pepper, and a lemon vinaigrette.

Price: $18

Music pairing: Whatever You Need, Tina Turner

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