Close the fire pits

It is time to close the fire pits on Okanagan Lake on Lakeshore Dr in Penticton. Every night now there are parties screaming yelling with large fires burning everything from wooden skids full of nails to plastic water bottles. These parties start around 11 pm and go until 4 am in the morning every night.

There is no social distancing, no masks or any prevention at all for covid 19. The fires are no longer for families or to cook a hotdog on the beach, they are not green, the smoke is smelly and near chokes anyone to death at night who live on the lakeshore.

Please Mr Mayor shut down this dangerous area of our beach.. people have been injured before and these injuries have made life changes for those injured. Once again please stop it before someone is killed or seriously injured again.

Brian Kettle, Penticton

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