We must be informed

Elizabeth Kozub replied to my letter asking us to trust the scientists. But what exactly is the “science”?

India has a population of about 1.4b. Their covid death rate is 145/1m population compared to Canada's 163/1m population. It is very easy for headline news to spread fear and terror. We are told India has a sudden oxygen shortage from covid deaths, yet India had an oxygen shortage for at least 6 months. The increase in deaths has also coincided with the cessation of Ivermectin as a prophylactic/recuperative treatment. Elizabeth seems to be very concerned about India but Canada performs worse on a comparative scale with inferior “big picture” metrics. If you are outraged about India, should you not be even more outraged about the federal and provincial government handling of Covid? India exemplifies the use of fear. Big numbers scare people. Deaths by volume, but no context. Perhaps India has a science problem, or a truth problem, or a western media perception problem?

Entities such as the WHO, CDC and NIH are all organizations that have agendas, goals, objectives and funding sources that work against the best interests of the people of sovereign nations. Science produces results and opinions based on the needs of funding sources. We rarely see objective, unsullied, truly independent “science”. If anyone is considering putting their trust in science, I strongly suggest they take a deep dive through the “Fauci Dossier” by Dr. David E. Martin. The insight is remarkable, and terrifying. If you trust the science, you may wish to reconsider as the contents are nauseating. How are we to trust mad scientists who were working on the gain of function “weaponization” of numerous viruses? Testing viruses for their efficacy of spreading to humans. Conducting research offshore that was banned in the USA and other western countries. This is "science," yet we are asked to trust it.

On 26 April Dr Henry stated “Increasingly, people have decreased the number of social contacts no matter what context that was in.” Have they, how does she know what people do in their daily lives. Contrary public behaviour has actually been observed by most people. I demand data.

She then stated "previously, if a person tested positive for the virus, just one or two other members of the household would catch it, Henry said. Now, entire families are being hospitalized." The we need the science and the facts. How many, per incident, and how many incidents. Two? Three? Please elaborate. Inform us. You lack credibility, so be specific. I demand facts.

Also “We’ve had tragic cases where husband and wife are in the ICU together." How many incidents? What age? 97? We need more concrete data. I demand honesty. The assumption that we are going to blindly listen to these daily directionless woefests are long gone. This mindless negative fear driven agenda is now fully transparent to most people who are fully awake. The Project Fear tap has been turned wide open, resulting in unpleasant incidents experienced by Dwayne Donnelly of Vernon just last week. Such a terrible way to show “Canadian” social values, grown men attacking people with AB plates. Is this really what we have become, savages manipulated by governments using health tyranny?

As far as my own credentials are concerned, having looked at his extensive medical resume, I have more right to speak about the future of humanity than Bill Gates.

Another “scientist” you might want to investigate is Charles Lieber. You can find his work at Harvard online. He specializes in nanotechnology, in matters such as nano dust, syringe-injectible brain mesh, and brain nanoprobes. He was and arrested by the US DoJ taking undeclared money from China under their Thousand Talents Program, and just happened to work in Wuhan. But Wuhan is a virology lab. You'd think this was a conspiracy theory. Funny how “theories” now become 'facts”.

Should we trust these mad, psychopathic, dangerous, out of control scientists? Should we turn a blind eye to their shadowy funding? Should we ignore the future perils of mankind, and not concern ourselves with a future where humans become controllable, malleable drones, plugged in to the internet-of-things connected to Elon Musk's Neuralink? Do you want your previous vulnerable offspring monitored, shackled and manipulated by the Pentagon-Profusa biochip? Should we listen to the scientists who mocked Trump when he mentioned “disinfectant'? I refer you to the unfunded & unsponsored work by Carrione E, Bolano Gomez B, Andrade Yohanny, Callisperis Patricia and Suxo Ana, et al. “Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19.” But, orange man bad.

They're your kids. It's your/their future. It's our humanity. It's our collective conscience. We must become informed. We must inform ourselves

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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