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Service resumes to West Kelowna mail box that doubled as dog poop dumping location

Mail box service resumes

Canada Post has resumed delivery to a community mailbox in West Kelowna after it was paused in response to too much dog poop in the vicinity.

Residents along Broadview Road were greeted with a note slapped across their mailbox this week that announced the suspension of service “as someone continues to leave bags of dog poop on the ground at this location.”

“Delivery will resume once this new trend stops at this location. Please keep your community mailbox site clean and clear of any health and safety hazards,” the note concluded.

Canada Post confirmed Friday afternoon that delivery to the mailbox was suspended “because of a health and safety concern for our delivery agent.”

“We contacted the city maintenance team and they cleaned up the community mailbox site and removed the waste bin today. Unfortunately, this location is close to a path that sees many dog walkers pass by and use the waste bin to throw-out their dog waste, and it doesn’t always make it into the container,” Canada Post continued. “This has been resolved today and regular mail delivery has resumed.”

“We appreciate our customers’ patience while we ensured the health of safety of our employee,” said the Crown corporation.

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