Do you support the use of e-scooters in your community?

Poll: should e-scooters stay?

Admittedly, the introduction of e-scooters onto Kelowna streets has not been very smooth, although Mayor Colin Basran wonders if it was ever expected to be.

Since the citywide rollout nearly a month ago, the city, social media and media outlets have been flooded with complaints from residents.

Most have centred around the parking of scooters when people have finished riding, the lack of helmets and the cavalier way in which people are using them.

Previously, e-scooters were only available in the downtown area because of tight restrictions as to where they could go.

That changed two months ago when the province opened them up to roadways in Kelowna as part of a three-year pilot project.

"Messy," was the way Basran described the rollout.

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