Get Lost Glamping Adventures offers a camping experience with a taste of luxury

Glamping in style

Victoria Femia

A fun and exciting way to spend your summer has popped up in Armstrong.

For those who’d like to try more of a glamorous way of camping, Get Lost Glamping Adventures offers the perfect mix of camping with a taste of luxury.

Owner of Get Lost Glamping Adventures, Derek Deans, says all you have to do is show up to the glamping site with your own food and drinks and everything else will be provided.

Your stay will include a tent equipped with a queen size mattress, duvets and even a crib for a baby.

A kitchenette is also provided in a separate tent filled with all necessary kitchen supplies including pots, pans, a stainless steel sink and a kitchen table.

Every tent station has a fire pit for all your campfire needs and a hot tub is on site that Deans built himself.

But Derek says the best part of staying at the glamping site is the serenity and the ability to get away from the world.

“There’s absolutely no noise and it’s beautiful to just sit at the woodline or out in the sun with a book, a beer… this is just absolutely beautiful, you get lost in your own mind at this place,” said Deans.

There is a bathroom on site that Deans created himself, fully equipped with running hot water. The bathroom includes a toilet, shower and sink.

Deans says the location of the site is perfect because it is surrounded by other amenities that people can explore while taking on the glamping adventure.

Surrounding the site is the Farmstrong Cidery, Caravan Farm Theatre, Enderby Drive-In, Interior Provincial Exhibition and the Armstrong Swimming Pool.

Deans found himself facing a bit of setbacks prior to starting his business. After speaking with a psychologist, Deans was diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD from his time spent in the military.

He was told by the psychologist that starting a business with his diagnoses was not possible.

“I just felt that my skills and abilities needed to be enhanced, not stripped back, so fast forward another six months, I decided to just go for it,” said Deans.

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