Why Libs need a majority

Why did (Liberal leader Justin) Trudeau call an early election? Because (his party) can only pass certain things with a majority.

When the Conservatives had a majority under (former prime minister) Stephen Harper, they reduced federal revenue by $45 billion per year by catering to the wealthy. How? By reducing corporate taxes from 22% to 15% ($31 billion per year) and reducing GST by 2% ($14 billion per year)—7% less tax on corporate earnings, and thus larger shareholder dividends, and 2% less tax on disposable income, of which the wealthy spend more and thus saved a bundle.

Both these tax reductions mainly benefited the wealthy.

It should be noted that Conservative-run provinces continue to do the same – tax breaks for the wealthy in the mistaken belief that money will “trickle down” (“Reaganomics”) – the biggest scam of the century.

When the Liberals had a majority under Trudeau, they created a new tax bracket (from 29% to 33%) for earnings over $250,000.00 and reduced the middle-class tax by 1.5%.

The Liberals also implemented new allowances that greatly benefited all Canadians and replaced the Conservative tax credits that only benefited Canadians who could afford to pay in advance.

The Conservatives also proposed that they would put money in our pockets. How? By reducing the employers’ share of payroll contributions and forcing employees to save on their own—much to the detriment of future CPP recipients. Another benefit to wealthy shareholders.

The Conservatives put forth a motion that Trudeau could never raise taxes on the wealthy. A Liberal majority defeated that motion.

The Liberals want to raise taxes on corporations and eliminate loopholes for wealthy tax evaders but they cannot do that without a majority. Thus the election call.

I have faith that the Canadian people will see the big picture and not just compartmentalize issues as the loyal Opposition is doing.

Patrick MacDonald

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