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Kacey Musgraves reveals she went on seven-hour magic mushroom trip

Kacey's mushroom trip

Country star Kacey Musgraves took magic mushrooms to help her face the "pain" of her divorce from Ruston Kelly.

The Rainbow singer was keen to "transform (her) trauma and pain into something else" and embarked on the special "plant therapy", which has been shown to help tackle depression and anxiety, taking the hallucinogenics under medical supervision.

"I did it with a doctor friend here and her husband. It's called plant therapy," she told Guardian Weekend magazine.

"Basically, some neuroscientists (from Baltimore, Maryland's famed Johns Hopkins University) have created a playlist that's music... put together to guide you, in that state of mind, through different emotions, feeling memories, whatever.

"We have these neural pathways that we have worn into our brain, kind of like trails in the forest, and what these plants do is basically dump six feet of snow on those pathways and allow you to form new neural connections, to change your brain, change your habits.

"Through the experience, I was blindfolded, and on a comfortable couch with a soft blanket, this music was playing and all the things I was seeing were in my mind's eye. The music was painting this whole story, pulling from childhood memories, experiences, thoughts.

"I was feeling every pluck of a string in my body, senses start to mix, you feel colors... it's so hard to explain."

Kacey admitted the experience was a "big part" of creating her new album, Star-Crossed.

"The day after, you're encouraged to journal and re-listen to the playlist, triggering some of the emotions that you felt then," she continued.

"So that's what I was doing the day after, when the word Star-Crossed popped into my mind as a title, and the concept of a modern tragedy, the acts: the exposition, the climax and the downfall, then the resolution."

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