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Kylie Jenner accused of 'attempting to change her race' with latest selfies

Kylie blackfishing?

Kylie Jenner has come under fire for apparently attempting to darken her skin tone in social media posts.

The make-up mogul sparked controversy among fans online after sharing a clip of herself listening to music from her car, in which followers noted her skin looked darker than usual.

"WHY IS HER SKIN COLOR LIKE THAT," questioned one fan after Twitter page Pop Crave reposted the video on the microblogging platform, prompting others to call out the star.

"She looks kinda darker," a second user noted, while another said: "So she doing black face and people just posting like its all good? Are we in the 60s again."

Alongside a pale shot of the star from her teenage years, another fan called her out, writing: "And also don't forget that this is what @KylieJenner looks like when she's not attempting to completely change her race."

Others accused Jenner of blackfishing; a term referring to someone who is trying to appear racially ambiguous or biracial by using spray tans, and sporting hairstyles associated with Black culture such as cornrows, afros and twists.

"SHES BLACKFISHING HERE," wrote one accuser, while another Twitter user penned: "Can we start gate keeping black culture more causeee I don't have the option to take my skin on and off so I don't think she should either."

Some fans even compared the clip to former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson, who was criticized for blackfishing in the music video for her debut solo track Boyz.

"Jesy Nelson in the BOYZ video," reads one of the comments, while another user joked: "Kylie and Jesy fighting to see who can be the queen of black fishing omg."

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