Truckers should be vaxxed

Re.: Trucker vax mandate U-turn (Castanet, Jan. 13)

Yes, everyone should be vaccinated.

I'm a truck driver and have been for the past 41 years. I cross the Canada and U.S border every week. There is no excuse not to be vaccinated.

People need to wake up and understand it is for everyone's own good and those who claim they don't need it will suffer the consequence by not being allowed to cross the border between our two nations.

There are too many people who think they can set their own rules. But that's not how it works.

The Canadian government should enforce this vaccine mandate and restrict anyone from crossing in either direction if they do not have proof (of vaccination).

We need to stop the spread (of Covid-19) and the only way is by enforcing the rules—plain and simple.

No more buying time. Enforce now!

Gary Patterson

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