Community Foundation North Okanagan has questioned Vernon candidates on several issues

Asking vital questions

As the Oct. 15 municipal election draws near, the Community Foundation North Okanagan has questioned Vernon candidates on several issues.

Vernon candidates were asked a range of questions, with their responses posted on a non-partisan website.

“As a part of our Vital Signs program and report, we regularly examine the important issues affecting North Okanagan citizens and the region,” said Leanne Hammond, executive director of the Community Foundation.

“For election purposes, we have chosen to focus on five critical areas: environmental, social, cultural, economic, and health. A group of volunteers that have extensive knowledge in the issue areas identified have researched and prepared thought-provoking questions to pose to the candidates.”

Concern over the impact of climate change is an emerging focus in municipal elections throughout the province. The Vital Vernon questionnaire is inviting responses from candidates to share their personal views and plans for climate action.

“We want to know what candidates think is urgent to achieving the goals of Vernon’s ambitious new Climate Action Plan. Other province-wide topics in BC include municipal responses to the housing and toxic drug supply crises. We’ll be seeking responses from candidates on what they believe is the municipality’s role in addressing proper access to mental and physical health treatment,” Hammond said.

“The purpose of the Vital Vernon website it to help the public get to know the views of each candidate in five critical issue areas that directly impact the quality of life for all North Okanagan residents.”

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