Man accused of killing Indigenous woman in Winnipeg charged in three other homicides

Charged in 3 more murders

Police allege a Winnipeg man charged with killing an Indigenous woman last May also killed three other women — two also confirmed to be Indigenous and one believed to be.

Jeremy Skibicki was charged on May 18 and kept in custody after the partial remains of Rebecca Contois, 24, were found in a garbage bin near an apartment building. Contois lived in Winnipeg but was a member of O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation, also known as Crane River.

Police at the time said they were not ruling out more victims. On Thursday they said Skibicki is now charged with first-degree murder in three other deaths in the same short period in the spring.

Police said Morgan Beatrice Harris, 39, and Marcedes Myran, 26, were killed in the first week of May. Both women lived in Winnipeg and were members of Long Plain First Nation.

Police also said a fourth woman, unidentified but believed to be Indigenous, is thought to have been killed on or about March 15, 2022. They released a photo of a jacket similar to one she had been wearing.

"It's always unsettling whenever there is any kind of a serial killing," said Winnipeg police Chief Danny Smyth.

"It does involve Indigenous women. We're very sensitive to the whole missing and murdered Indigenous women investigation and inquiry and the recommendations that came out of that."

Police released few details about their investigation, but said they have no leads to any other potential victims.

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham offered his condolences.

"Anger and sorrow — that mix — is what I'm feeling right now, and I think that many in our city are going to be feeling the same," he said.

"We have more to do to address safety across this community."

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