More bike lane criticism

The stupidity of the (Penticton) bike path continues.

Not only is the narrowing of Atkinson Street dangerous for motorists, the geniuses at city hall decided to make life miserable for the pedestrians too.

(City workers) came by with the expensive snow plow to clean the snow off the bike path and blocked the crosswalk between Cherry Lane Towers and the Cherry Lane mall with the plowed snow.

We have a considerable number of seniors with walkers who would never get through the mess that was left. This is not the first time this has been done. The last snowfall was even worse. When will this end?

The city is trying to please about 2% of the population and make life miserable for the rest of us. It spent millions of dollars on the bike lane and couldn't even put in a crosswalk light for the safety of the people in about 260 homes that use this crossing. It did, however, have taxpayers’ cash to put in special traffic lights for bikes.

Since Atkinson Street is a miserable thing to drive on now, I assume our elected officials never go on it to see what hey created.

Lee Pixley, Penticton

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