Greater Vernon Water Headgates Spillway Project will not be finished until late March

Delays in dam project

Construction delays has put a major North Okanagan project months behind schedule.

The Greater Vernon Water Headgates Spillway Project was originally anticipated to be complete by Jan. 31, but due to a variety of construction delays, the estimate for completion is now late March.

GVW began working on the project in early September 2022.

GVW is increasing the size of the spillway at the dam to better protect the water supply infrastructure, the environment and downstream properties.

The Duteau Creek water intake is located in the Headgates Dam, and the reservoir behind the dam must be lowered during the construction period.

The current precautionary Water Quality Advisory (WQA) will remain in place until the project is complete.

The precautionary WQA is in place for customers that receive water from Duteau Creek water source due to a reduction in water flows. While GVW needs to maintain a lower flow of water to complete construction, when less water flows through the UV disinfection facility, it may intermittently turn-off without notice.

While water may not be treated with UV, the water is still being treated with the clarification process and disinfected with chlorine.

Customers affected by the precautionary WQA may wish to boil their water for at least one minute when preparing any food, drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, making beverages or ice or brushing teeth.

To maintain ideal flows, some customers normally serviced by the Duteau Creek water source may receive water from the Kalamalka Lake water source without notice. This may be of interest to customers who have in-home water treatment systems or aquariums as the water is harder and has a higher pH.

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