Stand up to aggression

In order to have peace, we must prepare for war. It’s a much-debated maxim.

Detractors think it is just used to ensure military expansion, while realists recognize not all countries or populations are peaceful and, if unchecked, will use their might to assault others, as in the current case with Russia.

There have been recent comments that we should cease supporting the Ukraine. We must not, under any circumstances, cease our support to Ukraine. Autocratic and aggressive countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran will continue to test the resolve of the western nations and we must not falter, no matter the cost.

The Ukrainian people are fighting for their lives and their country and Russia is surely guilty of many war crimes. It must be held to account, otherwise we will repeat the mistake of (former British Prime Minister) Neville Chamberlain in 1938.

Bullies like Mussolini, Hitler, and Putin must never again be allowed to invade sovereign countries or impose their draconian suppression on any population.

There are more than 30 western nations supporting the Ukrainian efforts. The only fear I have is that they did not act quickly enough with the battlefield equipment requirements requested almost a year ago.

Haste must prevail to ensure our western democratic values are enforced, when requested by democratic nations. The world must unite in order to assist democratic countries that need assistance in repulsing aggression.

Patrick MacDonald

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