Planes for Ukraine

I am glad to see both Poland, and now Slovakia, giving fighter jets to Ukraine to help stop the Russians and the irony that these planes are Soviet-era Migs is not lost.

If the Russians' own weapons can help defeat them that would be great. It's obvious (Russian President Vladimir) Putin doesn't intend to stop his insane attack, so hopefully equipping the Ukrainians better will.

Putin has now been charged with crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court for abducting Ukrainian children and for deliberately attacking civilian sites.

I doubt he will ever go to trial but acknowledging his crimes to the world is important. It will have consequences for him eventually. These dictators who think they can do whatever they want need to be challenged and removed if we want a peaceful world.

The Ukrainians have proven their resilience over this past year and they still need the world's support to stop Putin.

A Mullins

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