Hospital staff saved my life, says Nanaimo shooting victim

Bullets still in victim's body

Auto repair shop owner Clint Smith said Thursday he was shot “several times” after a ­confrontation at an encampment in Nanaimo, and he called for caring and compassion.

Smith, 49, was shot while escaping the confrontation near the Millstone River where he went with friends on March 12. They had gone to retrieve ­equipment stolen from his ­business.

“I indeed was shot several times,” Smith wrote on social media. “I have about a foot less colon now. Had three surgeries. It is indeed dire.

“I was in a long medically induced coma while the ­professionals at NRGH ­[Nanaimo Regional General ­Hospital] worked furiously to save my life.”

The “projectiles” remain in his body because their location makes additional surgery too dangerous, he said.

“The staff that have taken on the task of keeping me alive are literally miracle workers,” said Smith, who highlighted their “teamwork, understanding and compassion.” He did not discuss details of the incident, but said he has felt spirituality and prayers and that he loves and cares for family, friends, supporters and colleagues.

Smith wrote: “I do not ­condone reaction, violence, ­retribution, vengeance or any such other foolish sentiments.”

The world is already hard enough, he said.

“What I do condone and ­support is support for your ­community, standing proud being a good person, father, mother, son or daughter. Warm hugs. And empathy.”

This has been a challenging time and “I doubt it’s going to magically get instantly better.”

Police have not announced any arrests or charges in the incident.

A GoFundMe campaign for Smith has raised $26,166.

Nanaimo was further shocked when a second man was shot six days later downtown and was taken to hospital in serious ­condition. Police have asked for witnesses to come forward.

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