Enforce scooter rules

Re. Electric scooter regulations in Kelowna

The scooter rental company (operating in Kelowna) must be earning good profits from these rentals. It also must have a team of employees who gather the scooters, repair and charge them.

The scooter regulations have been in place since the scooters were introduced, but they are not being enforced.

It should be a condition of the licensing agreement with the city that the scooter company provide a patrol person to enforce the rules. It would not take more than one automobile or scooter patrol, and it would simply be a process where any scooter rental rider, if found breaking the rules, would have their ride canceled on the spot.

Any subsequent infraction would result in a cancellation of the rider’s ability to rent in future. Once the word gets out, we would see compliance with the rules.

Kelowna taxpayers should not have to pay our busy police force to patrol a profitable corporation. That onus should be on the company.

Ron Smith

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