Glen Lake fire holding steady at 1,116 hectares, weather helping

No growth on fire overnight

There was no growth on the Glen Lake wildfire outside Peachland overnight.

The blaze remains mapped at 1,162.2 hectares with crews from the BC Wildfire Service, Peachland Fire Rescue working together to manage the blaze.

BCWS has been hitting the fire with multiple helicopters bucketing since Monday on the northeast side and bucketing operations will continue today, weather permitting.

"It's shorter days. So the nights are longer and cooler. And the days there's less drying time for the fuels. So it is beneficial to us.The next couple of days are supposed to be moderately warm, but then following that we are looking at a lot of precipitation which will be beneficial, of course," says fire information officer Evan Lizotte.

Heavy equipment is continuing to work on establishing a guard along the north flank and to the east.

"The fire has not breached the guard, however, we continue to monitor the area to ensure there are no spot fires, or if there are, we detect them early," said Lizotte.

Structural protection specialists completed structural protection around cabins Monday near Glen Lake and will be setting up sprinklers in the Princeton Avenue neighbourhood in Peachland Thursday as a precautionary measure.

"Small, planned hand ignition operations may be considered today on the northeast flank of the Glen Lake wildfire to tie into the existing guard. Hand ignitions are a routine firefighting tactic, and they only occur when conditions are suitable," Lizotte says.

The purpose of the planned ignition is to remove unburnt fuel in an intentional way to secure the control lines and achieve containment.

Munro Road remains closed from both ends due to the wildfire being conducted in the area.

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