Specially trained detection dog recently found invasive mussels on a boat entering B.C.

Invasive mussels found

A specially trained detection dog recently prevented invasive mussels from entering B.C. waters.

In a Facebook post, the Conservation Officer Service said a boat travelling from Ontario was recently stopped at a watercraft inspection station in Golden.

“Kilo, one of two BCCOS interdiction detection dogs trained to detect invasive mussels, indicated a positive presence – some mussels are so tiny they can be affixed to internal out-of-reach engine parts. Due to this, a mandatory 30-day quarantine period was issued for the watercraft, which was also sealed.” the Conservation Officers Service said.

“The inspection led to the discovery of invasive mussels, at which time specialized equipment was used to decontaminate the watercraft.”

The owner was given a $230 ticket for the unlawful transport of a prohibited species.

“This incident highlights the effectiveness of how mandatory watercraft inspection stations, and co-operation and collaboration with program partners, are helping to prevent invasive mussels from entering BC waterways,” the BCCOS says.

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