Mix of sun, clouds and fog in forecast for coming week: Environment Canada

Sun, clouds and fog forecast

Madison Reeve

The Kamloops region is forecast to see mixtures of both sun and cloud, with morning fog expected early on in the week, according to Environment Canada.

Temperatures are forecast to see a slight decline after Wednesday, with highs dropping to around 1 C and lows dipping below 0 C.

Skies are predicted to see a mix of sun and cloud, with fog patches dissipating by the morning and a high of 4 C during the day. Cloudy periods are expected overnight with a low of -1 C.

Tuesday will see cloudy skies throughout the day and a daytime high of 5 C. Cloudy periods will continue into the night with a low of 1 C.

Wednesday will see a high of 5 C and sunny skies over the course of the day. Skies will remain clear into the night and temperatures drop to a low of -3 C.

A mix of sun and cloud is predicted for Thursday, with a high of 1 C predicted during the day. Cloudy periods will return overnight as temperatures drop to -5 C.

Friday will similarly see a mix of sun and cloud and temperatures peaking at a daytime high of 2 C. Cloudy periods are expected during the night, accompanying a low of -4 C.

Mixes of both sun and cloud are forecast to continue the weekend, with highs around 1 C.

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