The price is right for this game-show contestant's trip to New West

'Price is Right' for Phillip

A fan of The Price is Right may have lost out on the game show’s big prize package, but he’s still getting a free trip to New West.

Philip Fitzpatrick appeared on the Nov. 13 episode of the game show, where he missed out on an all-expenses trip to New Westminster after over-estimating the value of the vacation – guessing its value to be $8,280US when it was actually $5,280US.

In the spirit of fun, Tourism New West quickly launched a social media campaign #SearchForPhillip – with the goal of bringing The Price is Right contestant to New Westminster. Tourism New West has located the contestant – and will be bringing him New Westminster.

“Of course it just made sense to bring Phillip here,” said Gerardo Corro, executive director of Tourism New Westminster. “It was a decision within the marketing team and the executive team here at Tourism New West; we consulted with the board of directors and they were on board, so we just went for it.”

The local organization is working out the details of Fitzpatrick’s visit, which will include a four-night stay at the Inn at the Quay.

"While the show didn't grant a stay, we believe everyone deserves a chance to experience our hospitality and all that New Westminster offers,” said Kathy MacKerricher, general manager of Inn at the Quay. “Phillip coming to stay is a prize in itself, and we're thrilled to roll out the blue carpet to the Royal City."

While appearing on The Price is Right, Fitzpatrick lost out on “an amazing trip to beautiful Canada”, which included airfare from Los Angeles to Vancouver, a rental car, and a six-night stay at the Inn at the Quay – where he could “take in scenic water and boardwalk views at this boutique hotel located nearby popular park spaces, shops and restaurants.” A daily breakfast was included in the prize package.

Fitzpatrick, who went to a taping of The Price is Right in August for his 64th birthday, is eager to take Tourism New West up on its offer to fly him to Vancouver.

"This is surreal. I mean, when my friends and family found out about this, they’re like this could only happen to you,” Fitzpatrick said in a news release. “I’m very thrilled and honoured they would take the time; this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.”

According to Tourism New West, local businesses and dignitaries are lining up for a chance to host Fitzpatrick during his stay in the city, including Mayor Patrick Johnstone, who wants to buy him lunch.

“I took this as winning twice,” said Fitzpatrick, a big fan of The Price is Right. “I got to meet Drew Carey, and then I get to go on the trip too. So much better all the way around.”

Updates on Fitzpatrick’s visit will be found on social media, at #PhillipInNewWest.

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