Fine, driving ban for B.C. Porsche driver who hit cars and tree

Fined for Porsche pileup

A B.C. man who bounced his Porsche off several cars and into a tree has been fined $1,000 and banned from driving for a year after pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention.

Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Eugene Jamieson heard Rajvir Singh Parmar, 54, had been northbound on Vancouver’s Elliot Street Feb. 23 when he hit a vehicle, pushing it 400 feet into another vehicle.

Crown prosecutor Louise Gauld said Parmar then attempted to flee and hit another vehicle, which then crashed into a fourth car.

Court heard Parmar then crossed a boulevard and ran into a tree.

Soon after, police arrived and saw Parmar with his vehicle in reverse.

He was taken into custody and originally charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and refusal to provide a breath sample.

The Crown and defence presented a joint submission for the sentence.

After hearing the details, Jamieson said, “I have some concerns.”

The judge said Parmar was lucky no one else was in the vehicles or on the street.

The judge said he had to take note of how the public might see the dispensing of justice and conclude “the wheels have come off the track.”

However, Jamieson said, the fact that the case could have gone to the expense of a trial and could have presented charter issues mitigated in favour of a resolution.

“He’s quite fortunate nothing more serious happened than this,” Jamieson said. “There are likely more consequences for him under the ICBC regime.”

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