Westside resident upset another deer has been injured by spiked fence

Deer gored by fence

A North Westside resident is upset another deer has been injured by a neighbour’s spiked fence.

The resident sent a photo to Castanet showing a young deer with an injury to the underside of its belly near its right hind leg. They say the animal was injured jumping over a nearby fence in Westshore Estates that they say has dangerous pickets.

The same property was the subject of a complaint a few years ago when another young deer was seriously injured. The neighbour claims the property owner said they would cut the pickets off so animals wouldn’t be injured, but has yet to do so.

In Kelowna, a bylaw bans new construction of wrought-iron fences with pointed pickets rising above a horizontal rail. Vernon followed suit with a similar bylaw in 2022, but both bylaws do not apply to already-installed fences. Conservation officers have been lobbying other local governments in the area to bring in similar bylaws.

The concerned North Westside resident says they called the BC Conservation Officer Service about the latest incident in Westshore Estates. The BC COS checked on the young deer and said the animal was walking, eating and staying with its mother. However, if it takes a turn for the worse and is seen lying down for an extended period, conservation officers might have to come back out and euthanize the deer.

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