Artistic coffee sleeves designed by children will show Vernon Jubilee Hospital staff they are appreciated

Thanks, healthcare workers

The Community Kudos Coffee Sleeve Project is letting healthcare workers know they are appreciated.

Cups of coffee will be wrapped in a colourful work of art created by an appreciative child and presented to healthcare staff at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital (VJH) over the next two months.

More than 3,000 coffee sleeves were designed by children at schools across the North Okanagan from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and will be part of any hot beverage sold at Amplified or Cracked Pot coffee bars at VJH.

Each sleeve bears original artwork and thoughtful messages of appreciation for healthcare workers.

The Community Kudos project launches this Friday to coincide with National Employee Appreciation Day.

It is a continuation of the physician-led staff appreciation Kudos project recently launched by the Vernon Physicians Society, in partnership with the VJH Foundation and the Civility Matters Project at VJH.

“Civility and gratitude in the workplace are a necessary platform for joy in work, and ultimately the best outcomes for patients in our care,” said Dr. Yann Brierley, vice-president of the Vernon Physician Society and co-lead to the Civility Matters Project with Alicia Ponich, VJH director of clinical operations.

“Whether its physicians showing our appreciation through the staff Kudos project, or these heart-warming messages from the students, both represent a genuine desire to make explicit how valued members of the healthcare team are,” said Brierley.

“Thank you to the VJH Foundation and to the many students, teachers, principals and school district personnel who made this gift possible for the hospital staff.”

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