Vernon drivers paying as much as 11 cents a litre less than their Kelowna counterparts

11-cents-a-litre cheaper

It would seem Kelowna drivers are getting hosed when it come to filling up.

The increase in the federal carbon tax came into effect Monday, but not all North Okanagan stations hiked the price of petrol.

And Vernon has some of the lowest-priced gas in the region.

The BC government's website says on April 1, the BC carbon tax rate rose from $65 per tonne to $80 per tonne, the same hike as the federal government. According to Forbes, the carbon tax hike equals about a three-cent-a-litre increase, but some Thompson Okanagan stations hiked the price by a lot more than that, while others held the price steady.

The days leading up to the federal and provincial carbon tax increases, most stations in the region were around the 167.9 mark and as of 10 a.m. Wednesday, the majority of Vernon-area stations held the line at 167.9.

According to gasbuddy.com, the Super Store Mobile station increased the price to 171.2, while only the Chevron on Okanagan Landing Road is coming in at 178.9.

While most Vernon stations did not see a jump at the pump, Central Okanagan motorists were not so fortunate, leading to an 11-cent-a-litre difference between the two cities at some stations.

The majority of Kelowna gas stations cranked up the price to 178.9 with only a few coming in at 174.9, which is still a seven-cent-a-litre difference.

In Penticton, the liquid gold is between 171.9 and 177.9 and in Kamloops, the price of gas ranges widely.

The Summit Super Save is at 165.9 – the same as the Vernon Super Save stations – while other stations are selling for 169.9 to 177.9 cents a litre.

The good news is the price of gas is still below the provincial average, which Gas Buddy is reporting to be 191.0 cents a litre.

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