Penticton corner store hit by early morning smash-and-grab

Smash-and-grab frustrating


The owner of a beloved community corner store is shaken up after finding their business ransacked on Wednesday morning.

Penticton's Duncan Corner Store was hit just after 4 a.m.

Sandeep Gill said one person smashed the door and took all of their lottery tickets.

"I found out when I came downstairs," she said, adding that she noticed the thief took less than 30 seconds to do it.

"I didn't expect it to be happening up here."

In the security video, the thief can be seen smashing in the door before crawling through and running over the counter to grab the sheet of lottery tickets, and running out immediately after.

Gill added that its upsetting because their time then has to be focused on going through insurance, speaking with police and cleaning up from the theft, rather than on running their business.

"Going through all this, cleaning up the mess and then we don't have a door for like a week," she said.

The incident has been reported to RCMP and the stolen tickets have been reported to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Gill said she is grateful they do see strong support from the community and neighbourhood.

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