Opposed to protests

Re. Frank Martens letter Supports protesters (Castanet, May 10)

I am an “old person” who absolutely does not support these protesting “kids” (on Canadian university campuses).

When the kids do something like supporting this evil then something is seriously wrong with our education system. Where were these kids after Oct. 7?

The writer forgot to mention it was a terrorist group, Hamas, that slaughtered more than 1,200 innocent people, including women, children and babies, which is why there now (the current) conflict in Gaza.

I find it interesting the further left on the political scale one is, the more vocal they are about supporting Hamas. Also, why does the media insist on calling these (protesters) “pro-Palestinian” when clearly they are pro-Hamas.

The rhetoric is pure Marxist. The class struggle of the rich and prosperous colonizer settlers against the poor working class Palestinians.

I truly feel sorry for the other Palestinians, as they are suffering not because of their deeds but because their leaders instigated all of their suffering. Where are the Hamas leaders? Why they are safely in Qatar not on the front lines in Gaza. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Also, Canada just gave another $25 million to UNRWA after we found out some of its employees were part of the attack on innocent Israelis. I don’t think any of that money, or any of the previous money “invested” in Palestine helped any Palestinians, but rather was used to buy weapons, build tunnels and provide a nice lavish lifestyle to Hamas leaders.

To natively think it is a spontaneous event is to be blind to reality. There are many active left wing anarchists pumping up the rhetoric to inflame the easily manipulated students.

I suggest all these protesters go to Gaza to help their brothers and sisters fight the colonizer settlers. How many would volunteer? I would bet my savings on zero.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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