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Re. No sympathy for owners (Castanet, May 13)

I totally agree with M.A. Butler but I know, because of the huge percentage of rich people here in Kelowna, I will be criticized along with the writer.

Kelowna needs to concentrate on affordable housing and having the rich buy up properties just for (short-term rentals) is ludicrous and, of course, is drawing up the price of real estate.

When I first started coming here to visit my grandparents ages ago, Kelowna was a lovely affordable city. Now that the rich have taken over, it's become a (a less tolerant) society just like a lot of third world countries that we now have to support.

Hotel prices will go down if forced to. Tourism relies on the poor, working class people such as waitresses, grocery clerks, etc. The priority should be affordable housing…period. That's partially why there are so many people living on the street. A lot of these people are not drug addicts but displaced homeless people. It's just comfortable for the well-to-do to classify them as “druggies.”

Money can be a wonderful thing and make everyone's live easier but it can also cause a lot of evil if used for totally selfish reasons.

Beverly Ryder

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