Why modernize the CBC?

What exactly does "modernizing" the CBC mean ?

First, no radio station can be all things to all people. But as Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC is mandated to provide programming in three languages, English, French and an Indigenous Arctic language for Canada's most northern (residents), of which there are several. CBC also has programming created by Indigenous hosts that highlight Indigenous culture and languages.

CBC's radio programs are modern and cover up-to-date topics that the general Top 40 stations simply don't discuss at all. And CBC's news coverage simply isn't bested in Canada.

I can tune in to CBC Radio One in Kelowna, in Kamloops, in Prince George, in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, and for the most part, all of these stations provide their own local content separate from each other.

During the wildfire in West Kelowna, and in Kelowna last summer, CBC was right there to give constant live news and commentary updates to local residents, where the other stations made minor comments (if at all) while continuing with their regular scheduled music playlists.

The CBC hosts, some of whom came into the station after hours to offer back-up and support, providing invaluable information to area citizens who were anxiously awaiting news on evacuation orders and alerts.

In summary, I am a regular CBC listener and I just can't wrap my head around the suggestion that CBC is outdated and that it needs to be "modernized", whatever that term is supposed to mean.

If the programming doesn't suit your wants, needs or your particular flavour, you don't have to listen to it. But know that when a disaster strikes close to your home or business, you will find the most comprehensive up to date information on the CBC.

What about CBC Television? I could write a few more supportive paragraphs about that, too, but I will say there have been many shows and television series over the past five-decades that I am aware were award-winning productions, and there still are those in production today that will earn their just rewards.

We still all have choices when it comes to radio broadcasting. However, I am far from being alone in my view that the CBC is there to serve the (residents) of a community, the province and of the entire country, and does so handily.

With the open discussion radio forums that its programming provides, we can all hear and share in the expressed opinions and choose to agree and disagree with the commentary, as we please. But at least we are an informed citizenry, unlike so many others who take absolutely no interest in civic, provincial or federal governance, and who are among the first to complain about something without being even modestly informed.

Modernizing the CBC? I think it's a poor choice of words.

Uli Rudolph, Kelowna

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