Historic Kaleden Hotel getting safety upgrades

Historic hotel safety help

Safety-related work at the historic Kaleden Hotel Park is scheduled to begin this week.

The park is located at the intersection of Second Street and Ponderosa Avenue in Kaleden.

The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen is installing a "split-rail style fence around the Kaleden Hotel structure along with safety-related signage," according to a Friday press release.

The decision was a collaborative effort between RDOS staff, the Kaleden Parks and Recreation Commission and Area “I” Director Subrina Monteith, in accordance with recommendations from a structural engineer.

Work is scheduled to begin Tuesday and will conclude within two weeks.

The hotel is an exterior shell today, but it was first built in 1911 and was then purchased by the RDOS in 1979 as part of a plan to create the Kaleden Hotel Park.

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