Kelowna fighters dominate national karate championships over May long weekend

Kelowna dojo dominates

A Kelowna martial arts teacher and members of his dojo had an impressive showing at the Canadian Karate National Championships over the May long weekend.

The Kelowna Karate dojo had 10 of its athletes selected to the Canadian national team who will now compete at the upcoming World Championships in Japan this Fall 2024.

Sensei Paul Atkin of Kelowna Karate earned first place and a Gold medal in the men's elite kumite, beating out 28 other fighters.

"All our athletes fought hard and showed incredible resilience and spirit in their matches. I couldn't be more proud of all of their performances. Now we re-focus and work to prepare for the World Championships as this will be a completely different animal to defeat," Atkin said.

"As for my personal results, it has been a lot of dedication and sacrifice to get to this point but it has been a wonderful tool to show my students the correct path toward any of your goals."

Atkin has been competing for 24 years and says this will be his last World Championships.

"I'm very pleased I will be Canada's top fighter representing our country proudly. Technique defeats strength but spirit dominates everything," he said.

Kelowna competitors Canadian National Results:

  1. Sensei Paul Atkin- 1st place Gold Men's elite kumite
  2. Merlyn Guilderson- 1st place Gold kumite, 3rd place Bronze kata
  3. Sofia Runzer-1st place Gold kata, 3rd place Bronze kumite
  4. Oliver Renz- 2nd place Silver kumite, 2nd place Silver team kata
  5. Geordie Adlem- 2nd place Silver kumite, 3rd place Bronze kata
  6. Max Guilderson- 2nd place Silver team kata, 3rd place Bronze kata
  7. Mervin Guilderson- 2nd place Silver team kata, 3rd place Bronze kata
  8. Bodo Papke- 3rd place kumite, 4th kata
  9. Cayden Adlem- 3rd place kata, 4th kumite
  10. Kaela Linsdell- 4th kata, 4th kumite
  11. Yuma Nakamura- Top 8 kata

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