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'Really special': Family captures video of moose and baby calf near Greenwood

Moose mama and calf

Contributed Lydia Street

A moose and her baby calf were spotted passing through the bright green foliage of Boundary Country on Victoria Day.

Around 8:30 p.m., a Bridesville family caught the pair near Highway 3 while taking a drive on the long weekend.

"We were just driving down the highway between Greenwood and Grand Forks and my kids and I are avid wildlife lovers," Lydia Street said.

"Anytime that we pass an area that seems likely to have wildlife we slow down and take a look. When I saw the large brown shadow behind the bright green foliage I knew it had to be a moose."

Street says she and her two children turned around and were thrilled to see a pleasant surprise. The moose was not alone, but accompanied by her calf.

Living near Mount Baldy, the family often sees elk and deer, but rarely moose.

"This was really special for us, especially for 5-year-old Gabriel who had never seen one that close before."

After more than a minute, the moose and her calf "trotted off into the dense foliage."

"Despite being the end of a long weekend, when I would assume the highway would have been much busier than usual, they were still eating fairly close to the road," Street added.

"I was glad to see that the mother is definitely wary of people and took her calf away as soon as she noticed us. Even though we could not have been much of a threat, as we were well over 100 feet away from her, she still recognized that we were predators that she should keep her calf safe from. That gives me some hope for their future well-being."

In video footage, the large moose and its calf can be seen stopping to look in the direction of the camera before wandering off.

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