Peachland to consider allowing more types of housing

Considering more housing

Peachland councillors will debate a motion at their next meeting that would allow both garden suites and secondary suites on the same property.

A notice of motion was presented on Tuesday. The motion instructs municipal staff to prepare a bylaw allowing both kinds of suites on the same property.

Councillors were told to save their comments for the June 11 meeting.

The City of Victoria describes a garden suite as “a legal, detached, ground-oriented suite in the backyard of a single-family home. Garden suites are designed to be long-term rental housing.”

A secondary suite is a self-contained unit within an existing residential structure, the City of Toronto says, “in which both food preparation and sanitary facilities are provided for the exclusive use of the occupants of the suite, located in and subordinate to a dwelling unit.”

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