City of Kamloops inviting residents to take part in community physical activity challenge

Encouraged to get active

The City of Kamloops is encouraging residents to join the ParticipACTION challenge, an initiative promoting physical activity, for a chance to help win $100,000 for the community.

The ParticipACTION Community Challenge runs from June 1 to June 30, with the goal to inspire more active, healthy lifestyles in communities across Canada.

In a news release, the City of Kamloops said it is gearing up to compete for the grand price of $100,000, which will go to support local physical activity and sports initiatives.

“If Kamloops wins the Community Challenge, the $100,000 prize will be invested in initiatives and infrastructure to promote a healthy lifestyle in our community,” the statement said.

The city said if it wins the grand prize, it will give out a prize — including an annual pass to the Tournament Capital Centre and a $500 gift card value pack — to three individual participants. Five local organizations will be granted $1,000 to support future initiatives.

“Let’s rally together and make our mark in the 2024 ParticipACTION Community Challenge. Together, we can build a stronger, healthier and more active community,” the statement said.

Last year, Barriere was awarded the title of B.C.’s most active community and received a $15,000 prize.

Individuals, organizations and associations can register on the ParticipACTION website to take part in the challenge, and the more participants who register, the greater the chance the community will win.

The city said individuals don’t need to track physical activity through the month. By registering, residents commit being active in the community through a variety of ways — “from walking the dog to gardening to playing with the kids.”

Residents are also invited to attend Kam-Motion, a community event which will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the TCC’s Hillside Stadium on Sunday, June 2.

The free event will involve movement-based classes and group sessions.

More information about the community challenge can be found on the City of Kamloops and ParticipACTION websites.

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