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Pair of thieves use stolen truck to break into West Kelowna cannabis store Friday morning

Stolen truck used in break-in

A pair of thieves used a stolen pickup truck to break into a West Kelowna cannabis store in the early morning hours of Friday, but they made off with very little.

Just before 3 a.m Friday, surveillance footage at West Kelowna's Skye Cannabis Co. captured two people backing up a red pickup truck in front of the store. One of the thieves smashes the front-door window with a hammer and then attaches a chain to the door, before the other person drives the truck forward, ripping out the door and security fence.

Surveillance footage from inside shows the pair running through the store, throwing items into a large garbage bin they had brought, before taking off in the truck.

Skye Cannabis spokesperson Natasha Raey said she called police as soon as her phone notified her that the store's alarm was going off, but the thieves were gone before an officer arrived.

She said the pair only ended up making off with some pre-rolled cannabis joints, worth “a couple hundred bucks."

“It wasn't a very big score for them,” Raey said.

But the damage to the store was extensive.

“The damage is insane, for insurance coverage, now we need a new door,” Raey said. “We hired a private security company, so there's a man who's literally sitting in front of my store every night until everything is completely fixed.”

Police have since informed Raey that the truck used in the theft was stolen. She said they've been operating at the location for about four years and this is the first time they've dealt with any theft issues.

Anyone with any information about the theft can contact the West Kelowna RCMP detachment.

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